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Inside a beaten brown car that could easily be dated back to the nineties was a faint red glow of a cigarette revealing a young face of a man with blue eyes but nothing else. Outside of the car was a lonely street with a very few moving figures standing or walking down the street that held a light layer of water. A girl wearing enough close to tempt any man but also enough to keep that man curious made her way to the car. The cigarette glowed a little more brightly as the man took a longer drag, revealing his beautiful blue eyes. He rolled down his window expecting the woman to stop by, all the while he held a pistol tightly in his right hand.  The woman indeed stopped and leaned into the window her lips smacking as she chewed gum that she was using to hide the stench of coffee and her rotting teeth. The man tried not to gag as she breathed out.

"Whatcha lookin for Jay?" The woman asked obnoxiously.

"Information." He said moving away from the woman to get some distance between him and the horrid stench of her breath, she gave a look of disappointment.

"What is it?"

" I've been looking for a man that goes by a street Alias of Abrams Jenkins. He usually hires people of your..... industry." He chose his words carefully trying not to upset the woman. 

" Yeah I've heard the name, hes a good tip..."

"I don't need to know that, just where he lives." Jay said.

"Hmmm Idunno Jay we've known each other for a while. Everytime you ask me for information about a client or potential client they wind up dead and I dun't like losin clients, especially ones that......" Jay interrupted the woman.

"Don't forget Hannah if it werent for me my competitors would have killed you."

"Wouldn't have been in that situation if you hadn't had me workin with them."

"You have to admit that job paid better than this." Jay shot back getting annoyed at Hannah," I'm not here to argue Hannah, I brought you this." he said handing her a wad of cash.

"This is too much Jay." She said astonished.

"You said you don't like losing clients. Now where does he live?"

"Dufferin ave 48678." She replied still looking at the cash," Where did you get this?"

Jay smiled," You don't want to know; trust me. Hannah next time I would like to keep our relationship as so; we don't tell each other about our jobs because I don't want to know the details of your job, and you shouldn't want to know the details of mine."  He said rolling the window up and drove away to his target who was a former member of of group of assassins Jay was working for the past six years.  His target was a man was selling their secrets to the PCB's or otherwise known as the paperclip benders and it was Jays job to keep an eye and catalogue their movements as well as limit their ability to compete with his employers.  It was alright job except it lacked the action that Jay truly desired, for he didn't come here to be a detective slash spy. He came here to slit throats and kill which is something that Jay was disturbingly good at.  Still sometimes he would be given a job outside of spying, which Jay did his best to savour when given these opportunities.

Minutes passed by as Jay drove across the city starting and stopping; making  quick turns, and taking shortcuts until he arrived a few houses down from his targets. His orders were simple make sure target is dead light the house on fire make it look like an accident. Except there was one complication, currently Abrams or Henry Mcfane was having a dinner party with a group of women. Jay couldn't tell if these women were members of the PCB or were just normal civilians.  Either way they were in his way and put a bit of a crimp in his plan but wouldn't stop him. He snuck near the window and took pictures of his guest with a small camera. He would analyze them later and see if he could match the figures to known members of the PCB, of course he knew one member of the PCB for sure and that was; Silvisa Welmoen, the reason all of this started and that night still haunted him. 

Hours passed before his guests left in a half drunken haze out the door followed by Henry who was insisting that they all stay till they sober up. All the while he was groping a younger girls ass who had to be about 19 while he was easily in his 3o's.  He was definitely not a fine example of a man who was an assasain then again he did quite didn't he? With his guests gone Jay slipped in quietly making his way across hardwood floors  avoiding expensive furniture and objects that could be broken with the simplest of pushes. With speed and grace he made it to the top of the stair case the were built in the middle of the house. Henry who was heading to bed followed slowly behind completely unaware that he was walking up these stairs for the last time.  Unlike Jay's female counterparts he couldn't possibly seduce his victims so he had to apply certain amount of stealth and skill to the job despite his impatient tendencies. Henry muttered angerly to himself in disappointment as made his way up Jay readied himself  for the kill raising a small knife that injected poison into its victims. Henry reached the top stair somewhat out of breath and unprepared to meet an old coworker.

"Hello Henry. You seem disappointed tonight. Whats the matter?" Jay said darkly from the shadows scaring the drunken Henry.

"Who is it?" He yelled in a barely comprehensible tone.

"Death." Jay replied cheesily leaping from the shadows causing Henry to  fall backwards just missing Jay's knife.  However on his tumble back to the first floor he broke his neck, and Now Jay was left disappointed by the fact there was no challenge in scaring his victim to death.

"Damn thought he would put up a fight being an ex assassin n all he muttered putting the knife away and starting work to light the place on fire.

The End

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