Paper-clip BendersMature

Two enemy assassin gangs get tangled up with one victim, but when the assassins after him fall in love, things get a little trickier when they realise what they'd have to do.

Rolling the pen between her long, slender fingers, she faked a look of dull interest in the story about why he needed compensation on his crashed car. Of course what he didn't know was that this wasn't an insurance company. The tall, beautiful woman in front of him wasn't Elise Hatter; she was Silvisa Welmoen and she was there to kill him.

Silvisa was the head of a side-street (she preferd to use that term rather than back-street) assassin's guild on the outskirts of London. Mr Butcher had overheard part of the last meeting. Therefore, he had to be taken out.

'Mr Butcher, thank you. I'll get back to you. Please wait here. I must consult my collegue. A herd of cows on a road in that area is most unusual.' she smiled, with her poshest accent. The cows had beent he first atempt to kill him. Silvisa would have to have severe words to the person responsible for that. Turns out, Mr Butcher swerved into a tree, but wasn't exactely injured. Ms Welmoen slipped out of the room. She was gone ten minutes, the door opened a crack, there was a bang.

The tall, black woman slipped back inside to watch the blood trickle the victim's face. She loved watching them bleed, their life fading out of them, just so far that they can't grab it back.

Not that she could stay long. Flipping uo her walkie-talkie, she whispered the word "butchered" to whoever was at the desk. The job was done.

The End

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