Will threw open the door, golden fingers of late afternoon sunlight reaching inside. "Come on in," he beckoned, a dog began to howl loudly, jogging across the wood floors and sprinting over. I stiffened at the sight of the big hound dog, charging me and trying to jump up and lick my face. "Gary!" Will scolded, pushing the heavy chocolate dog away from me. "Don't mind him, he's really friendly. Just yell at him if he's bothering you." He turned back to the dog, "C'mon Gary." and continued walking inside and then disappeared around a corner the dog shuffling behind him. He continued to speak, his voice muffled behind the wall. "Don't have any room in the you'll have to stay on the couch..." 

    As he spoke, I glanced about the room, murky with shadows as the old, dusty blinds were pulled shut. I could see a couch, an old TV, and books and magazines tossed in a neatly messy piles, clutter here and there. I was still halfway through the door when Will returned, an armful of bedding in arms. His dog Gary pushed past him and jumped onto the couch, his tail wagging back and forth ways. "Get off there," snarled Will, and then said to me, "What's wrong?"

  "Nothing...nothing." I shook my head, gave a half smile and helped to arrange the blankets, giving  Gary an uneasy pat on the head.


   I shifted on the lumpy leather couch in my sleep, attempting at getting comfortable. My mission unsuccessful, I sat up and tossed the blankets aside. Gary was sleeping on the floor at my feet, breathing heavily as if almost snorning. Tip-toeing around the lump of a dog, I went to the window, the blinds pulled open. Silver moonbeams brushed across my face, gentle yet cold. I reached up and brushed the silvery air with my fingers, and it seemed to ripple about my hand, my white skin glowing. I shivered, glancing back at the motionless dog, and silently slipped out the front door and into the full moonlight.

  Trees stood like tall, narrow pillars, shadows in the grey light. The smell of pines was fresh and thick, and the sticky dew was wet and chilly on my bare feet. My narrow fingers crept to my collarbone, feeling something cold and hard about my neck.  Grasping it, I gently pulled it off and held it in my palm-a silver necklace, a chain with a cresent moon hanging from it. When I looked up, my Mother's tall, proud figure was before me, her head held high like a Queen's.

  Her eyes were cold and hard, deep and black, filled with vanity and regality. Her beauty was crisp and cold, her gaze icy as she glared over me. "Thus far you have made no advances in your mission, Guenevere. Time doesn't wait, and each second matters. Go to the city and find Aakesh and Sunce and the Guardian. Demons of all sorts are out there, searching for you. My ability to come and protect you is limited." Her last sentence was stiff and sharp, and with that, she melted into the silver moonlight.

  The city? The light seemed a shade darker when she was gone. I shuddered, feeling alone and empty in the night. The hair on my neck stood up, and I felt as if someone was watching me. Gary started to howl and galloped out of the half open door. He was barking fiercly, but remained at the door step, his tail between his legs.

  My pale chalky skin began to shimmer, the breeze picking up to a heavy gust, throwing pine needles across the ground and tossing my long, loose hair into my face. Gary was whining, and I could hear someone shouting, though I felt I was spinning round and round-or perhaps the whole world was.  The wind hushed, I found I was on the ground, leaves and dirt stuck to my bare hands and knees. I pushed myself to my feet, brushing my hair out of my face. Will was gripping to his porch rail, blinking hard.

  "What the hell!" he yelled, his eyes wide with fright. "Who the hell are you?"



The End

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