Slowly I trudged through the thick snow, bathing in the light my Mother was sending to me in waves. Small kids ran past, bundled in many layers of clothing; their mum’s running around trying to prevent injuries.

Sighing, I pushed my way past a mound of fallen snow and entered the dark building. The interior was simple, a whitewash room with a few objects scattered here and there. Although it was sparse, it’s where I felt most at home. I began unwrapping the scarf that was entwined round my neck, hanging it up on a nearby hook.

The door rang and Georgia, my work colleague, floated in. She had an air of grace around her, like a swan. We mumbled our hellos and got to work setting up the photo shoot.

“Today we have an EM. We might have a POF coming later, I’m not sure because of the snow.” She said, authority traceable in her voice. It had taken a little while for me to learn the abbreviations she commonly used. EM means ‘Expectant Mother,’ and POF meant ‘Party of Kids.’ I still hadn’t learnt half of them, such as MaB. Sighing, I placed a line of toys along a wall, hanging up paintings of rabbits dressed in blue suits.

 Georgia leisurely walked around the room, inspecting my set up and commenting on various items.

“No, no. I’m sorry but it should be pink, yellow, blue. Not yellow, pink, blue. Sorry do it again” Shaking my head I got to work, arranging it perfectly. This was going to be a long day,


I took out my camera and tried to focus onto a beautiful setting, tall ferns reaching into a sun bathed sky. The snow was glimmering in the light; it was a truly dazzling photo.

I felt close to my Mother at that point, her rays shone around me and helped me create the perfect photo. It was like she was right there with me, wrapping her warm arms around me.

I positioned myself, ready to take the perfect photo. Gently I pressed down the button, smiling at the finished result. Then I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket, I reached in too grab it, annoyed that I’d been disturbed.

“Yes?” I said bluntly. If it was Georgia then I swear I’d…

“Sunc. Come home now.” Her stepmother’s voice came angrily through the phone. I could hear the bustle of noise in the background, a sign that something was happening.

“Okay…” I began, “Just…”
“No. Now.” With that she hung up.

I stared down at my phone, confused. It sounded like I’d done something wrong, but I couldn’t remember doing anything..

The End

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