Crazy DriverMature

Was that driver shitting crazy?! There I was happily running off to the bar at the darkest little corner of the city, when I hear the screeching tyres of a car, the sound oh shattering glass, and a sickening "thud". THAT CRAZY DRUNK DRIVER JUST BASHED UP THE GUY!! And then as cool as a cube of frozen slime ball, he just drove away, and I was left with the messy job of clean up, calling the ambulance, cops and what not. Bloody hell!! I was supposed to be running away, and here I was sitting next to an absolute unconscious stranger who had blood all over his shirt, in a shirt that had blood  the stranger’s blood all over it, and a bag full of now bloody (literally) money!! Great. Really great! This plan was working so well!!



In a different part of the universe, the Sky in unrest thunders down to the Earth below.

"Shut that racket woman!" The thunder grew louder. "I command you to stop that now, little sister!"

"Moon is right, sister," A bright light shone in the distance. "Your child will be fine." Swiftly the warm golden light filled the dark sky’s with hope and joy.

"Do you forget, last time, he only failed because the guide had not been born."

"Last time he failed because of those backward worms of humans!! He was burned to a stake! My son, burned!!?! For helping those humans!!" A bolt of lightning struck the Earth charring the grass below. “What if they do the same to him this time?

"That was centauries ago. Your nieces will find him sister, don't worry." The sun shone brightly. 

"And look down, you stupid girl," A harsh cold voice called from the moon, "He has found the guide. Battered and bruised, but he's still the one, with all three of them, there’s no need for worry."

"But the darkness is great..."

"DO YOU DENY MY DAUGHTER'S POWER?!" Anger rose in the moon's voice.

"Trust them, little sister," a softer voice spoke, "have faith in our children."

"Yes, faith, I’m afraid that is all I have left." The sky began to dim, into a soft ash blue colour.

"Sister?" The moon exclaimed. "It cannot be?!"

"I'm losing my ability, older sister. I’m losing my energy."

The world remained silent.





The End

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