"What the?"  I said again not quite believing my eyes. I check the clip on the standard issued pistol it was missing bullets, and to boot I heard sirens of cop cars on their way.  I slid the pistol back into the jacket and made walked of the area without to much problem.  I tried to think of rational reason how it would take so many shots through the head to kill something, and for it just turn to ashes. I guess my understanding of what is going on is only the tip of the iceberg. My walk began to turn into a run as I tried to think.  As I did I didn't notice that the street lights where dimming, i just kept running trying to make sense of it all until I ran into a street that was pitch black.  I stopped and took a look around the light all around me flickered then went on out even the stars in the sky seemed to have hidden from the darkness. 

I waited for my eyes to adjust to nightvision but even with that there was no reflection of light from anywhere say the distant lights from the main  part of the city. Fear clawed at my throat as I felt the piercing eyes of something I can't see. It seemed every breath I took was of fear and anger.I took heavy breaths of it and each time it felt like I was filling my lungs with ash.  In my head something snapped , and all I could here was run, go , don't stop. I complied and ran as fast as possible as my legs could carry me , my heart beating fast. Up ahead headlights turned on blinding me, I stumbeled forwards, but refused to fall , because something told me it would all be over if I did.  My eyes one agian adjust as the car drove forwards at high speed. Did the driver not see me? I wondered as I dived out of the way. I looked into drivers seat it was another person consumed by the decaying aura, and dark energies.  The car skidded into a U-turn and accelerated towards me.  I instinctively reached for my gun but stopped I didn't have the time to get of the way if I shot at it or the person.  I dived again but the car followed, I had no other way of escape, I jumped and made myself  as small as possible  as I impacted the car, after that I remembered no more. 

I woke up in my own bed my head with a mother of a headache, and my body feeling soar, my eyesight slowly coming into focus, I looked down at my body nothing broken, but lots of bandages full of blood. How did I get here , and why am I not dead?

The End

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