I walked along this strange path for the longest time, the black, hardness beneath me hurting my feet and knees. I wondered if the Earth, seemingly a whole different world from the last I had seen it, still had an Inn which I could stay in for the night. Yet I knew I had no money with me. Perhaps I kindly farmer would allow me to stay in his house for the night, like when I was lost two hundred and seventy years ago....

   I heard another of those peculiar, horseless carriages coming down the road before I saw it. Turning around to watch it come around the corner, I took a few steps back, still frightened by it's unusual speed.  As it came closer, I pensively raised my hand, hoping to at least stop it and inquire where I was. Slowly, it came to a halt before me, though I was still frightened to get any closer. 

   It glistened in the sun, sleek and smooth like clear water. It was the color of the night, a deep, almost black tint. A human man, young in appearance, partially hung out of the window to look at me, glancing over my clothes, my cloak and boots. "Are you lost?" he furrowed his brow,  a curious glance in his eyes.

   "I believe I am," I nodded, inching closer.

    He titled his head, "Where do you think your going?"

   "I am not sure." I pursed my lips. "Is there an Inn anywhere close?"

    "You mean a hotel?" he replied. "In a couple miles down the road there's a few, yes."

    "Thank you," I nodded, and began walking off in the direction in which he had gestured. I did not like the amused look in his eyes, as if I was being ridiculous.

      His machine pulled forward after me, staying close beside me.  "Yes?" I asked impatiently.

     "Are you going to walk all that way?"

     I bit my lip, unsure as I gazed further down the road, no end in sight.  "Here, why don't you get in. I'm headed that way, and there's a some hotels down there." he offered.

    "Alright," I replied after a moment of thought, seeing the door just behind his own and pulling it open. After glancing over it, I carefully climbed inside, shutting the door behind me.

     The world became a blur out of the window, the emerald greens mixing with the greys and the browns. Panicked, I gripped my seat, stiffening. The young man glanced in his mirror at me, furrowing his brow.  "So...what's your name? Mine's Will."

    "Guenevere," I muttered, turning my gaze from the window and looking about the inside of the machine.

     "Oh," Will replied. "That's a nice name."

    We were silent, and I felt my eyes become heavy, realizing how sore my limbs were from walking so long on that hard ground. I shook my head-I can't fall asleep. I was in a strange place, yet I could not fight off the feeling of drowsiness. The new way of Earth-traveling was so unusual....


    I felt a hand on my shoulder, shaking me gently. I opened my eyes, realizing that the door to the car-wait, how did I know that it was a car?-was open, with Will standing there a shadow against the sunshine. Confused, I looked down to myself, pulling my cloak aside to reveal a T-shirt and a pair of did I know all this and how did I come to wear it?

   Blinking a few times, I stepped out of the car, wiping sleep from my eyes. It didn't seem that much later in the day, but I felt like I had slept for days, if not centuries! Though it all seemed so similar to when I had drifted to sleep-the sun was not much higher in the sky and Will, still a stranger to me, wore the same clothes. Shaking my head, I looked about as we stood in a parking lot, in front of a hotel with the appearance that it came from the 70's or 80's.  Still, I was flustered at how I knew what a parking lot was and what the 70's or 80's would look like.

   "Well," said Will turning back to his black car. "I think this is where I depart. Is this OK?"

     I paused, searching through my pockets. Nothing. "Wait," I replied. "I don't have any money."

   Will looked at me with that same curious look. He bit his lip, and sighed, "I guess you can to my place and sleep on the couch for the night."

    Relieved, I smiled slightly, "Thanks."  Noticing how hot it was outside, I undid my cloak and tossed it in the seat next to the mine and climbed back into the car once more.

     Somehow, I had to find what this mission was that Mother sent me on. How would I start?  





The End

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