The next two weeks were a blur. I'd told my ‘sister' Anna-Marie that I'd seen a man murder a deer in the dark woods, and before I knew it I was whipped into a court case. I hadn't wanted my life on earth to be like this. I'd wanted to do good, that's why I'd agreed to do it for my Mother.

‘The killing of Deer is illegal in this country. You have committed a felony against the crown and government.' The judge had said, scowling at the round man that I had slapped in the ill-lighted woods. I could see him better in the light; he was taller than I remembered and less rounded. His baldhead shone brightly and his beady eyes were constantly narrowed.

The news that a man had committed this awful crime spread quickly around the country. Soon everyone knew that an ‘evil villain' had slaughtered a deer then ‘threatened an innocent young passer-by. 'I sunk into the uncomfortable chair that was placed oddly in my box room. Heavy rain was lashing outside, I felt sorry for any poor soul that was caught in it. I rose slowly, wandering over to the window and staring out hopefully. I could not see the sun, or my mother. I missed her so much; I could literally feel my heart slowly sinking. 

A soft knock at my door awakened me from my deep thoughts. I composed myself, smoothing down my pale shirt, floating over to my door. I  gently opened it to reveal  Lois, my earth mother standing nervously.

"Sonc, hello." She forced a smile at me, reaching out her hand as if to shake my own. I sighed, why did everyone pronounce my name wrong?

"Umm... hello Lois." I replied, extending out my hand to shake hers.

She copied my sigh, looking into my eyes. The awkwardness between us had still not evaporated. "I pronounced it wrong didn't I?"

"Yes... I mean no, you can pronounce it however you want, I mean... ahem." I replied, suddenly flustered.

"Well," She said glancing at the floor, "How do you pronounce it?"

"Sey-on-say." I replied slowly, sounding out each word.

"Ah, I see." She said, I could see her processing it in her brain. "Ah, Sey-on-say. Very nice. German right?"

She didn't like my name; she was lying. I could tell, I can tell when anyone lies.

"Umm..." I hesitated, "Well its Serbian. It means sun and-"

"Mmhm. Right, well I just came to tell you Anna-Marie has almost finished the tea... you can come down when you're ready." Without saying goodbye she turned out of my room and scurried away.

Murmuring to myself I walked into the bathroom that was joined to my room and washed my hands. I was loosing my beautiful tan; probably because of all this cold weather.

I longed to be out of this house, out of this country. I wanted  to go somewhere real.

The End

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