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My ears are deafened by the sounds of the city streets, the horns, screeching tires, and shouting of everyone in the afternoon rush hour. All these people lived in a bliss and ignorance of the many peculiar deaths happening around them, but however I am not, and unfortunately I lost my job for knowing the truth. Many people are turning up dead with no bullet wounds, no toxins.... They are just dead, and I can see things most people can't , that is auras,and energies. These people where covered in a dark energy , their aura's drained. I have never uttered a word to anyone about what I can see in fear of being called crazy, but after two years of pressure over these mysterious deaths, I told my superiors that dark energies are killing them.

Now I have no job and no hope of getting another job of the same way because I'm now labelled as a nut bar. I walk across the busy ped-cross full of people with an array of different coloured aura's a few red, lots purple, and some clear. I could never tell what the colours meant, but I knew someone felt strong or energetic when there aura is rather big, and weak when the aura hardly shows. I hit the other side , where time seems to slow, and world appears to empty as I feel a remarkably evil presence behind me. I turn my head,and see a man dressed in all black with an decaying aura covered in a dark mist. My skin crawls from the strange presents, with my eyes wide , and my instincts telling me not to follow him, I follow. The world begins return normal as I made my mind to investigate this man, who could be the key to all the murders, that have occurred.

As night falls, and I had followed the man halfway across the city, who had done nothing suspicious until he turns around and the dark mist shoots off his arm towards me.

" You see to much!" The man says with a voice that was harsh but with no real power to making it sound like a whisper upon the wind. The mist hits me , and my body seems to feel like an empty uncontrollable shell. I fall to the ground feeling unconnected to my body, I couldn't move muscle not even to convey how scared I feel. The man walks over me, with a face of hatred,and greed. His hand touches my body and I can feel myself beginning to slide away from my body, but before I do I begin to reconnect to my body, I felt extremely nauseous, but I believe this was a live or die movement, I kicked the man off me. He smiled.

"Your an interesting catch! But none lives longer than five minutes when its there turn to die!" He chuckles as he brandishes a long knife. I reach into my trench coat and pull out my side arm that I was supposed to return today,but I hesitated. Should I shoot this man?It was a stupid notion but I also didn't have the right to shoot someone anymore. He walks forwards and goes to stab me, I quickly dodge and shoot him through the head, he still stands I squeeze the trigger four more times until he becomes lifeless. My instincts made the decision. Before the man hits the ground his body begins to fade to dust and is blown away in the wind.

"What the?"

The End

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