A MissionMature


  Silver beams of moonlight cascaded from the sky as I stood alone in the deep, silent forrest, the sound of harmonious cricket song a melancholy lullabye in the night. I breathed in deeply, the smell of the fresh earth mingling in my nose.

  I turned, stiffening, as I saw my mother, the Moon, in her human figure standing behind me. Her skin glowed in the light of the stars, her cold, cruel beauty had come off on me. Her eyes were dark, as they always seemed to be, and she looked over me harshly.  "Daughter, there is a mission for which you have come to Earth-I hope you understand that. You have come to help the Son of the Sky. I know not how you will find him and what you may do, but I wish for you the most fortunate series of events. Walk with care on this new land, as you are foreign to it and this world can be meaner than you can ever imagine." With that she faded into the moonbeams, leaving me by myself again.

  Though this land was certainly foreign, I could not imagine it could be any meaner than my home with my mother on the dark side of the moon hidden from the rest of the universe. A warm breeze brushed my face, and a the rich smell of this planet played in my lungs. I did not know how this world could be meaner.

  A mission. I could hardly remember my cousins, the Son of the Sky and the Daughter of the Sun. I had met them but once, otherwise my mother kept me hidden from them in her large, silvery palace.  

  A leaf drifted on the gentle wind, and I lifted my hand to catch it. Twice before I had been on Earth, ages ago, for only short periods of time in my long existence. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed the sights, the smells, the tastes of Earth, so different then my home.

  Gazing about, I wondered to myself how I would begin my "mission".  I was lost in this world I barely knew. Uncertainly I started to walk with the way of the breeze. It led me to a small trickling stream. It was one familiar thing the Moon and Earth had in common.  I smiled, running my slender, pale fingers across the top of it. I gasped with delight as the water seemed to pull me into it, and I was drifting beneath the stream, as if one with the water. The force pushed me downstream, the water smooth and soft on my skin, dancing about my limbs. Finally I drifted to the side and suddenly pulled from the water, standing by the shore and completely dry. I looked around, in a completely different place.

  The trees were thinner here, and I could hear a roar and rumble from close by, like thunder. I pulled my indigo cloak closer around me and wandered toward the source of the sound curiously.

  The trees ended, and I stood on a narrow stip of grass before unusual, black, hard ground. A flash of color, rumbling, went by me in a blur. I yelped jumping back. It was some sort of odd machine.

  Mother was correct-the Earth was a foriegn place now. In two hundred and fifty-seven years this world had tranformed incredibly from the last I had seen it.   

The End

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