Deep Silence.Mature



I stared into the enveloping darkness, taking a sip from my flask every few minutes.  The natural beauty that surrounded me entranced me, I felt at one with the entire world. Gently I dipped my toes into the clear water, giggling quietly as the cool water brushed over my feet. I leant back slightly on my arms, staring up at the sky. Peace and freedom pulsed through my veins, it made my lips smile and my heart sing.

 I could tell something was lurking in the shadows, I tried not to feel uneasy but my emotions were getting the better of me. A yelp, followed by a cheer of triumph rang through the woods. Slowly, I picked myself up and made my way towards the edge of the thick forest. Cautiously I crept past towering oaks towards the sound, fear gripping my heart. What I saw shocked me.

 A large man was leaning over a dead deer, grinning evilly. A sound erupted from the opposite end of the wood; I glanced over to it nervously. The man moved away with surprising grace considering his weight and began creeping towards the noise. He positioned the gun that was clenched between his fists towards an unidentified target, chuckling cruelly. I watched in shock, he was unashamed by his inhuman actions. He settled himself, clicking back a part of the gun. I couldn't take it anymore, I ran towards him kicking him in the back. He grunted loudly before falling forward, the gun in his hand shooting randomly into the forest. I looked up to the sky as a flurry of birds was sent soaring; their piercing squawks filled the air.

 The large man turned on me, scowling furiously. "What you think you doin'?" He yelled with a thick accent. "I almost had that ruddy deer."

 "You already had one," I said, gesturing towards the dead soul lying in the dirty soil. "You're ruining the world you fool."

He sniggered, his large shoulders shaking. "Oh bless you, you's just misguided. Go home, you ain't needed here and you ain't needed in this wood. Go on, shoo." He chuckled, mocking me.

 "No." I said, standing my ground. "No, you go home." With one swift moment I'd slapped him round the face. He gasped in surprise, rubbing his sore cheek.

"You cheeky lil' thing. Mark me words, if you is in this wood tomorrow there'll be hell to pay. Yeah." He walked over to the dead deer, dragging it away. Soon enough I could hear the roar of an engine.


Then there was a deep silence.

The End

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