Aakesh- SkyMature

I heard the clock in the city centre. One thirty. It was still early in the night, I had some time. I walked on towards a damp little ally way, but faltered a bit as I reached a small by lane, there was something lurking in the shadows. I quickly put out my cigarette, and stood still for a moment, before slowly walking on, apprehensively. The figure glided through the darkness eyeing my every move. I stopped short, and quickly whirled around to look behind me. It slowly emerged from the darkness, my eyes fixed to the spot. Just a wrinkled old hobo. Still, got to keep guard....all because of him. Why couldn't he just play fair? Can't he see how much easier it would be for his family if he did, for his son? No, he just cared about his comfy little parliament seat. He could live in that thing and be happy as a butterfly. I didn't matter to him, nothing mattered.

A can rolled gently in the breeze, and softly hit the back of my foot. Mustering force in my leg, I kicked it hard down the by lane. A cat jumped out, hissing at the can, before it coolly walked on.

"Change sir, any change for a poor soul?" Shit, that damn hobo. "Please sir, any change?" I chucked a note at him. Chump change really. He'd probably buy another bottle of booze with it, but hey, I'd just do the same, the only difference is, I probably wouldn't gulp it down in one sitting. I heard him scuttling off behind me, giggling briefly at the money. I stopped to look around me for a second. 

Look at this place, garbage dumped on the side of the road, streams of sewage water flowing from the gutter, rats and hobos sleeping alike. Sweet really, a very sweet sixteenth birthday. But then again, where else could I spend it? The entire city was a concrete structure, thickly coated with a fine heap of garbage and dog shit. The kids either begged, were drunk, smoking up, or all three, and their parents were either dead, dying or wanted to die. Ya, I guess I’m a lucky one huh? No wonder they hated my father. Though I’m glad he never sent me to a real public school. Home schooling's better. You can pay off the teacher, and no one would be any the wiser, it’s that simple! It got a little lonely at times, but that’s nothing a smoke couldn’t fix. I fumbled in my pocket for another cigarette. Crap, all out, and I just bought a new packet this morning.

I sat on the pavement, sleep sinking into me, and looked up at the sky; it's comforting, looking at the sky. "Happy birthday, sweetheart." I swear I heard a voice echo through the silence. Shit, there must have been something in that cigarette I didn't order!  


The End

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