Avenging Tempest 2.2 (Incomplete)

Adol looked up sharply. “You really mean it?” he asked earnestly. Kazeus nodded.

“It wouldn’t do if you got jumped again. All of my work would go to waste.” The boy grinned widely.

“Thanks a lot, Mister Stroame, sir!”

“Just call me Kazeus, please.” Kazeus said. “I couldn’t stand it if you called me that all the time. The boy nodded vigorously. “So how far is it to your house anyway?”

“I’m not sure about the distance, but it’ll take a few hours of traveling,” Adol replied.

“Then we’d better get moving. Let me grab my stuff first and then we can leave.” Kazeus went over to where he had dropped off his sack before the fight. He wasn’t ignoring his mission, he told himself as he picked it up and slung it over his back. He could easily drop off Adol and get back to Grasina before nightfall. He returned to Adol. “Now let’s get going.” He started walking quickly down the road, with Adol following.

The End

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