I eventually stop Trixie. I could tell she was confused. I just felt scared. I felt like I was rushing, like it was only my pain making me react this way. Trixie lay on the bed and I was pressed to her side. She looked so beautiful.

I kept stroking her cheek and kissing her quickly before burying my face into the crook of her neck. I felt content and almost fulfilled right there in her arms. "Robin, are you asleep?"

I woke up with a fright and realised it was now dark. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to" I say with a blush.

Trixie smiled and kissed me quickly. "It's okay"

I smile back and wrap my arms around her waist. I find my fingers tracing circles into her hip bone and when Trixie sighs, I giggle. She looks at me with a smile and I smile back. Then she kisses me with the same passion as earlier. She presses down my body beneath hers. She supports herself perfectly and I don't notice my shirt buttons being undone until she's kissing down my sternum. I gasp as she stops above the waist band of my trouser. She smiles and kisses back up before kissing me.

I must say.... that was an amazing night.

The End

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