Trixie: A Little More FireMature

She is sitting there whenI arrive, sparks and pixie dust. I barely realize that my steps have sped up. But then I stand before her, looking down while she looks up. She has another cut or two on her face, ones I'm dying to kiss away. Not here.

Robin rises to her feet. "Let's go," she murmurs, and then we are walking, walking. I can hear the echoes of Tori in my mind. Push her away. I need to be here, now, with Robin.

Her house isnt too far. Soon we have stepped inside, standing in an off-white foyer. No pictures line the walls. I wonder what sort of life Robin might lead, but dont dare to ask. Instead we take the stairs to her room. Plain. Nothing like the beautiful angel hiding within the delicate shell.

Robin throws herself into my arms, then. Maybe she's only looking for a hug, a reminder that I'm there. But I thirst for so much more. Soon lips my lips are begging for hers, hand searching, grasping. I am caught off guard when we tumble back into the bed, and she's on top of me, and everything begins to spin. My hands are exploring her body, tracing the skin exposed at the place her shirt just didnt quite meet her pants.

"Trixie," she says, only she's still got her lips on mine and we're breathing into each other because we're both so breathless. I dont reply, only kiss her harder. Fueling the fires. Both wishing we can dodge the flames and hoping they'll engulf us all at once.

The End

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