Robin: Scar faceMature

My cheek hurt. Well, it was to be expected since I feel over and grazed it horribly. Stupid idiots. Carry and her followers had shoved my into the ground. Then they got a message. They had yanked me up by the hair and demended to know who the girl in the picture was. It was Trixie but I didn't tell them. They'd they thrown me to the floor and marched off like a herd.

They spread the new quickly. The bullying got worse. A guy even got dared at lunch to come up to me and ask if me and my new girlfriend would give me some action. I had ignored him and tears began to spill down my cheeks.

Him and his group had left in a parade. Thats how I now find myself numbly walking the streets of town with a plaster big on my cheek. Wasn't it enough they's already given me a bruised eye, cut lip and cut arm. The cuts where now scabs and the bruise was fading yellow. I felt ugly. Completely and utterly ugly.

Suddenly my phone started ringing. A rare noise. I pulled it out and answered the call without checking the id. "Hello?"

"Robin, can we meet up and I come round to your's?" Trixie's voice was like music to my ears. I don't care how cliche that sounds. It was the only thing that lifted my hopes that moment.

"Okay, you know where that fountain in town is?" I ask.


"Meet me there okay?"


The phone goes dead. "I love you" I whisper trying out the words on my lips. I sigh and shove my phone in my pocket. Then I head for the fountain.

The End

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