Trixie: Holding Back is BetterMature

Returning to school is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done. All I want to do is stay in the sanctuary of Robin's arms, in the comfort of knowing that nothing and no one can hurt me there.

Plus the bruises havent faded. And I can just imagine the talk.

But I saunter in through the front doors anyway, hot pink and lime green hair in perfectly straightened rainbow that hangs about my face. I'm wearing all the usual things; it must just be that I like the attention. When in reality I'm just trying so hard to be myself in this ever shifting world.

First hour. Tori is at the front of the room, perched upon a desk in a micro mini and heels. Everyone is gathered around her because she is pretty in the way that everyone finds pretty. If they glance at me, it is only to spite.

I'm keeping Robin in mind, remembering how it feels to hold her and kiss her and know that there is someone there.

Tori steps into my path. I am trying to bite my tongue, to bite back any words I would only regret. "I saw you with your girlfriend." Sneering. When I can so easily recall the way she placed her hand upon my shoulder.

"Please move," I mutter, refusing to acknowledge her.

Tori's laugh is cold and hollow. "You're a pathetic, disgusting disgrace," she tells me. No matter how deep the words cut me, I cant let her see that. Even though I can see my father and my old friends and everybody else in the world, I have to hold myself back. For Robin. And for me, too.

"Get. Out. Of my way," I hiss. I'm surprised when she actually steps aside.

"Better watch your back," Tori calls out once I've moved past her. Then she is with her friends and they are laughing again.

Pretty breeds monster.  

The End

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