Robin: CoffeeMature

They discharge Trixie a few hours after she wakes up and seriously the bruises look worse than they are. I hold her hand tightly more following than leading and supporting her as we leave the hospital. It only when we step into the cold wind that I speak.

"Can we go and have some hot chocolate?"

Trixie turns and looks at me before smiling. "Sure" she says. I feel her arm slip round my waist as we walk. I at first am shocked but the way she holds me pressed to her side in protective and caring. Soon I'm relaxing and resting my head on her shoulder as we walk. My arms also hug her waist.

We get to a costa's and sit in a corner booth away from allthe glares of the people in the shop. We just sit hugging but eventually I have to get up to get our drinks cause the waitress ignored us especially after we had kissed. I brought the drinks back and hugged Trixie again.

The End

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