Trixie: BruisesMature

When I awake, it's to a persistent beeping noise and the smell of bleach. I blink a few times to fully regain consiousness.

"Trixie!" A familiar voice sends me back into reality. I'm in the hospital. Why? Oh, I was protecting Robin.


She's sitting next to me, her knees all pulled up to her chest, looking like she's been sobbing her eyes out. I wouldnt blame her. She doesnt appear to have any scratches or marks. I can feel my own bruises rising to the surface.

"I was so scared," Robin says, but she's whispering and I think I feel the words more than actually hear them. She's reaching out for my hand; I have no choice but to give it to her. I dont know what this thing is between us, but I need it.

"You dont have to be afraid," I told her. "I'll look after you."

Robin starts to cry again, so I use what strength I have to pull her towards me, until her head is resting upon my chest. I dont try to stop her tears, because sometimes tears are the only ally someone has. But I offer her what comfort I can, stroaking her hair. She seems to me like a child, a fragile being that needs constant protection.

Maybe that's what I'm here for.

I hope that's what I'm here for, because I fear I'm running out of other purposes. 

The End

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