Robin: Kick inMature

Something within me kicks off as I watch Trixie take the force. I stumble to my feet and... scream.  Its the only thing I know how to do and suddenly two officers are running down the alley.

"Shit" the ginger swears. He releases Trixie and they both race away into the darkness of the alley. Trixie slumps to the floor and I race over to her. I pull her unconcious form onto my lap a moment before the police reach us. They try and speak to me but all I can do is stare down at Trixie's unconcious face.

I suddenly hear the sound of an ambulance then the rush of paramedics around me. I find myself stumbling into the ambulance and slumping into a chair. That's where I begin to cry truly.


I sit crying in the hospital chair with my knees pulled up to my chest. I look at Trixie's silent figure. No damage she's just freaked out probably, the doctor said. They put her on a drip for safety though.

I find myself thinking over and over how she protected me and know..... she does care for me. Well, I think and hope so. I slowly find myself falling asleep.

The End

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