Trixie: Heartbeats and HeadachesMature

I'm lost in a daze, trapped between the wall and the two guys. Robin's hand is warm in my own, fingers entwined. The guys are both smiling in this sickening way, one that makes my skin crawl, my heart pound.

"What shall we do?" Robin whispers, but nothing gets past their ears.

"Are you scared?" The red haired one gets right up in my face, his breath reeking of alcohol. I try my hardest to stay strong, to keep my chin up as I shake my head no. "Well." He lets out a hollow laugh. It's icy tone reaches deep within me, chilling me to the bone.

Turning away from me, he grabs Robin by a massive chunk of hair, dragging her out of reach. Her screams fill my ears, repeating and repeating till it drowns out everything else. "Stop it!" I shriek. To my surprise he freezes in place but doesnt let her go.

Robin's expression is a mixture of terror and pain. Even still she is so beautiful to me. Such an innocent angel, falling and falling.

"Please," I begged. "Please let her go. You can do whatever you want to me. But please let her go."

The guys exchange a look I dont have time to decipher. Then the red head gives Robin a forceful shove; she collides face down with the pavement. Her cry of pain is the last thing I hear before they are upon me. One rips at my colorful hair as the other holds back my hands.

I push myself into a numb place, a dark place where there is no misery. The sky fades to black as I slip away from it all.

The End

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