Robin: DrugsMature

We stop in an alley where we lean on opposite sides of the wall. I look across at Trixie then... we're both laughing. I clutch my stomach I laugh so much. Trixie then crosses over to me and pulls me into a kiss which I return happily. Its so sweet to feel her lips on mine. I'm the one to pull away. "Trixie, um, does this mean we're a couple?"

"Uh, I don't know. We hardly know each other"

"We can get to know each other" I point out.

"Okay, we can... give it a try I guess but... where can we be together. This morning we were lucky to get out"

"Well, we can go to mine. I have the attic room with a lock on my door"

"Hey, look! Its babes!" a drunk sloppy voice rings out from deeper in the alley. Me and Trixie turn to look. I become frightened and move so I'm wrapping my arms around her from behind. I peek out over her shoulder as the guys approach. Two guys, one blond and one ginger.

"Hey, girlys. Wanna come smoke some crack?" blond slurs.

"Yeah, may be morning but we could have one hell of a gang bang" ginger adds with a wink but after he stumbles.

"What shall we do?" I whisper to Trixie.

The End

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