Trixie: Out of AnswersMature

With Robin's arms wrapped so tightly around me and the memory of the kiss vivid in my mind, it is easy to fall into a peaceful sort of rest. For the first time ever I feel safe. Maybe I dont know her, but that's not so bad. Strangers make for the closest friends, sometiems.

The slamming of the door brings me out of my half unconscious state. Back to reality. Robin is still asleep. She looks so at ease with everything in the world. Then comes the footsteps in the kitchen, and I snap into myself, and I realize that this could be very, very bad.

"Robin," I whisper harshly, shaking her. I hate to be rough like that. But this is sort of a dire situation. "Shit, Robin, my dad's here."

She hears me then, sitting up. Luckily keeping herself quiet. I'm looking around desperately, panicking. There's only one way out, and that's the window. Thankfully I live in a one story house. "C'mon," I said, keeping my voice low. We cross over to it, and I do all I can to keep the noise down as I throw it open.

When we hit the ground on the other side, tumbling into the violently green grass, I cant help but flash her a smile. Granted, it tears me apart that not even my home is safe. But with Robin beside me I barely notice anything else. Then we are running hard, breaking free to the street on the other side of the bushes. We dont stop, not for anything. Not even to breathe.

And that's okay.

The End

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