Robin: The KissMature

When Trixie kissed me I was almost certain all this was a dream. I mean to me she was so beautiful and... and just amazing. Her lips were so soft though and I acknowledged the reality of this situation. I found my arms wrapping round her neck and my lips pushed back on hers strongly.

I could tell she was shocked cause for a moment she tensed but she regained herself. We, suddenly, were lying along her bed with me beneath her. I couldn't help myself and moaned into her lips. She pulled back. Her eyes stayed closed and her breathing was heavy. I found one of my finger beginning to twirl a strand of hair round it.

She opened her eyes and I knew that this was going to be the start of something. Maybe not what I expect to happen but something. Something that I will be able to think about at night and actually easily get myself to sleep instead of spending hours playing my flute.

Neither of us said anything there was nothing to say. She got off from on top of me and lied next to me. I automatically snuggled up to her side and slid my arms round her waist. "Thank you" I whisper feeling my eyes begin to get heavy but I stay awake long enough to feel Trixie's lips touch mine one more time.

The kiss takes my breath away and I fall into dreamless sleep.

The End

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