Trixie: The Playgroud is Not For BabiesMature

School is worse than usual the next day. It's nearing Halloween, and everyone is busy plotting their costumes. Not me. I'm scary enough as it is.

Tori is in the front of the room, center of attention as always. I loathe her, I loathe her, but she still so captivates me. I watch her as she smiles, pushes a strand of hair back from her perfect face. Wonder what she felt when she kissed me.

Tonight is the next meeting with With Robin. She'll be there, I'm sure. Looking for answers. I dont want to be the one to tell her she'll never get them. Not there, anyway.

What I need is an out. An escape from the nightmare of reality.

Tori glances my way. Sneering. There is no warmth in that angel face. No comfort offered in her lifeless eyes.

I look away, because I just cant stand it. Wish I had a hand to hold. A light in the dark.

The End

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