Robin: Very LateMature

I reached the music shop.... very late. I sigh heavily and wonder if I should just turn round and leave but I don't I walk it. "Robin?!" Fern says from behind the counter. "You're quite late we thought you weren't coming"

"I'm sorry Fern" I say with a sigh. "Am I to late to get my lesson?"

"Oh no, actually someone cancelled yesterday and I'm sure Rob will be willing to take you now" Fern says gesturing towards the practice room. I nod and mumble a 'thanks' before rushing to the practice room. I find Rob retuning his guitar. He looks up when I enter.

A smile breaks out on his face and he stands up. "Robin, come sit" Rob says with a  beconing gesture. I shuffle over to the chair opposite him putting my case down next to him. Suddenly, his face turns serious. "You're late"

"I know, I'm sorry" I mumble.

"Why are you?"

"Um, I had a bit of a problem with some people and it stopped me from getting here" I mumble.

"Well, all in the past. Shall we start?" Rob says. My face breaks out in a smile and the lesson from then goes well. When its over I leave much quicker along the streets to get home. When I get home I'm gasping for breath and I move up the stairs with heavy feet. The only thing I can look forward to is that meeting tommorow and hoping that Trixie....will be there.

The End

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