Trixie: Avoiding AttachmentMature

The girl is holding to me, sobbing like the tears are all she has in her. The air is cool but I'm feeling hot, stomach twisting in knots as she presses herself to me harder. I think I'm going to lose it.

"You alright?" I finally ask. Stupid question. The girl looks up at me with wide eyes. Still pretty, still broken.

"I'm used to it," she mutters. "Ever since they found out I'm a-"

I'm surprised when she pauses. Like she's ashamed of it.

"Dont worry about them," I tell her, making it as meaningful as I can. I've already pulled away, and now she's just standing there looking positively uncomfortable. "They can fuck themselves." I half expect her to smile but I'm not surprised when she doesnt. "Where are you headed to anyway?"

"Oh, just a class," she mumbles. She's looking away, looking anywhere but at me. "Thanks, by the way."

I shrug it off. I'm not into making a big deal out of things. "I never caught your name..."

"Robin," she tells me. I nod. "But I should probably be on my way."

"Right," I say. "Well, I wont make you crawl out the bushes again. You can come around to the front." The girl follows me closely. When we reach the front of the house, we say our goodbyes. Fleeting and whispered words. I watch her disappear down the street, into the nothingness that was the world.

Robin. Like a bird. I'm not sure if I want her to fly away or not.  

The End

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