Robin: MusicMature

I had two places of escape. My attic bedroom and my music class. A few people there knew my sexuality but didn't judge. Well, either that or they were awed by my talent like my ass-of-a-brother, Zach, surgested. My brother was the only person in my life who tried to understand me for who I am.

Although that's probably because he sorta understands. His outlet though is violence at his martial arts class. Mine... my music. I pull my guitar case onto my back and shove my phone in my pocket. I slowly and silently make my way down stairs to the door. I grab my coat and keys, leaving without a sound. I sigh when I get out and march down the path then along to the centre of town. On my way I take deep breaths rallying myself up to pass Carry's house.

I reach the end of her road. I stop for a moment making sure my guitar case is correctly placed on my back. Then I run. I race down the road like I'm running for my life which I probably am. Unfortunately.... Carry's waiting. I race past her but.... "Get here!" Carry yells and her group take after me.

I race down and reach the end of the road but the chase doesn't end their like it normally does. They continue to race after me and great! They're wearing trainers for once. Probably expensive stylish ones as well. I continue to run and my feet begin to ache.

Then suddenly  I'm yanked through a gate into a backyard as I round a corner. I gasp and I'm about to scream when a hand clamps over my mouth. "Shh!" I hear the voice whisper. Its female and I listen staying quiet. Carry voice echoes outside the gate for a few minutes then retreating footstep.

The unknown person lets go of me and I spin round to face them. I gasp cause Trixie stares back at me. "Homophobic's?" she asks raising an eyebrow. I nod silently blushing. "Idiot's. You okay?"

I shake my head then burst out in heartbreaking sobs. I grab at Trixie and cry into her shirt.

The End

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