Robin: LostMature

My heart had pounded viciously when Trixie had offered the chance to go get some coffee with her. I had suddenly got all shy and made the excuse that I had to get home. I didn't really. I didn't even want to go home. Uncle Bill would probably be there.

I continued to think about Trixie. Her almost white coloured hair with streaks of lime green and hot pink. I'd never be so bold like that. I'd just stand out more and it give Carry and her group of bullies another name to call me as they shoved me into the dirt, literally. Something hits me. Trixie had come in after I had said my name and I didn't tell her personally. The girl who I had become drawn too didn't even know my bloody name. I sigh  heavily and stop at the end of the path that leads up into my house.

I take a deep breath and walk up unlocking the door. I step in just to see my brother coming down the stairs in his whole emo black get-up. "Think you have problems?!?" I growl. He raises his eyes brow and walks away not answering my question. I sigh and pull off my converses. I drop them next to the rest of the shoes and scan the row. I sigh when I see Uncle Bill's I turn and I'm about to make my way upstairs.

"Hey, baby! Come here, whore!" my Uncle slurs behind me. I flinch and begin to race up the stairs. "Come back here!" He yells but I ignore him racing up to my attic room where I slam the hatch down and lock it from the inside. I collapse to the floor my breathing heavy and stair at the hatch. No rattling this time. I get up and move to my desk. I pull out my homework and put the next of my books on my school pile. I then pull my sewing kit out from a draw in my desk and slump into the chair.

I find the new hole in my bag and sigh. Will this ever stop?

The End

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