Robin: Support groupMature

I looked around with wide eyes. There was a circle of seats then a long table against the wall. It was filled with biscuits, sandwiches and a tea set. I make my way over and bite into a tuna mayo sandwich. I turn and watch the space around. So.... whats gonna happen?

Suddenly a man in his 20's walks in and claps his hand. The people who had been split off into groups and even a few couples began to take seats. "Gather round, everyone" the man calls out. "Gather round"

I take a seat hesitantly feeling people look at me. I blush and stare down at my worn down converses. I hear the man who gather everyone cough. I look up to see him smiling at me. I smile faintly back. "Um, hi"

"You're new right. Would you like to introduce yourself?" the man says. "I'm John by the way. Group leader"

"Um, okay... I... uh.." I look round and only see friendly faces. I even see couples of the same gender holding hands proudly and holding one another. I immediatly feel better and sit straight in my chair. "My name's Robin Jay"


"Um, huh?" I question.

"There's a purpose for this group" a guy says.

"You need to state why you're here?" his partner adds.

"Oh!" I say with wide eyes. I then laugh nervously scratching the back of my head. "Um, well I'm here because I'm bullied at school for being a Lesbian"

Its then the door opens. A cold wind gushes in before the new person closes the door. I watch as she walks over with her hands in pockets. I gasp at the sight of her.... so beautiful.

"Ah, here's the other newbie" John says with a smile. He gestures to the seat next to me. I swallow as she sits. "Introduce yourself"

The End

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