Over the RainbowMature

Robin and Trixie are both bullied for their sexuality. Then one day they decide they've had enough they join a suport group where they find each other. Things don't go the way they plan though.

Robin Jay

"Robin! Robin! Fucked a girl recently" Carry, the queen bee, snickers. Her entourage around her snickers and whispers.

"Yeah, Robin, you do like girls don't you. You like to hear them moan" another, whose name I don't know, adds. I continue to ingnore them. Suddenly, they are surrounding me and I can no longer ignore them. They shove me between them making me go dizzy and begin to feel sick. They yell names like 'bitch', 'whore' and 'lezbo'. I fight back the tears but they continue until finally I begin sobbing.

I collapse to my knees and bury my face in my hands. They yank my bag from where it fell on the floor, obviously not finished with me, and pour my stuff all over the ground into the mud. I continue to sob and Carry shoves me from behind. I scream as I fall forward into the mud.

They all burst out laughing and leave chuckling their head off. I sit up and try to wipe the mud of my face. I succeed but poorly. I shove all my books and stuff back into my duffel bag. I sniffle wiping away tears as I stand up. This is it, I think, I've had enough.

I'm suddenly detirmined to get help. I pull that card out of my pocket I was given by the school nurse and pull out my phone dialing the number. Lets hope support groups work.

The End

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