Ouran High School Host Club: The New Host's

Dear Mom,

Happy Mothers Day! How's everything in Canada? I heard that you encountered a coyote. What did it look like? I never seen one, other than in picture books and on T.V. I'm starting my first year of highschool! I'm really excited! I plan to be a plastic surgeon. Why? I don't know, I just feel like I'm supposed to go down that career path. Well I will send you another letter in a few weeks to tell you how I'm doing in school. Bye! Love you lots. Sincerely Usagi

I wrap the letter inside an envelope and walk outside. "Dad! I'm going to the letter post! I'll be back!" I shout. I walk down the stairs from my apartment. I look around, I see the wonderful Sakura trees. I almost walk into the post but stop just before hitting it. I look at the envelope and hug it. I drop it in the letter post and walk away. I walk back into my apartment and get my backpack and walked out, saying good-bye to my dad. I took the subway to school. It was packed but I was the only one going to the super rich and famous school "Ouran Academy". If I shouted that out I would probably either get surrounded or just get laughed at. 20 minutes later the train stopped. I got out and walked to my school. I walk straight up to the gates of my school.

"So this is it, huh? My first day of highschool." I said to myself. I walk in.

The End

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