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Rachel left and Daniel followed. Part of me felt like I should follow, stop Daniel from talking to her when she was in this mood, but another part of me knew I shouldn't get involved. Rachel was a grown up, and even though the situation was getting a little creepy, she needed to talk to Daniel. Not me. So instead Carlos was the receiver of my narrowed eyes.

"Bella, what is it?"

"What was that about?" I said slowly through gritted teeth. I wasn't angry that our dinner had been interrupted, or that Tyler had been the cause. I was angry because Rachel was upset, and that was not going to be easily explained.

"That? Just business rivalry, and a little tension from the incident."

"Alright, I'm leaving." I went to stand up.

"No. Bella, stay."

"I don't want to hear some lie when it involves my friend." I settled back to my seat in a business like fashion.

"I understand that." I gave him a look. "Truthfully. But you must understand - we've known each other a mere couple of days. You cannot expect me to tell you everything about my life in such a short time. People have their secrets."

"People do. Which is what we are to each other right? Just people. Sex." I shrugged my shoulders as he looked like he was going to speak. "It's all this is Carlos, so I expect you to have secrets. Fine. But don't drag me in to it. Or Rachel." I went to stand again.


"My name is Blake." I glared at him and left. I didn't have to put up with this crap. Sex was supposed to be uncomplicated. And this had just gotten far too complicated for me. I wasn't going to put up with whatever the hell they were in to messing with me and Rachel. No. Rachel didn't deserve that. Me maybe. All this 'sex not love' stuff was bound to get me in to trouble at some point, and I was the one who'd got her to wait for Daniel, to meet him. It was my fault that Tyler, that creep, was following us.

He'd been trying to drug me. It was my fault.

I rounded the corner and leaned against the wall, taking a deep breath. My fault. Rachel really liked Daniel and this guy was ruining everything. Tyler. His name made my skin crawl. My fault.

I felt a raindrop hit my cheek and looked up, surprised, but then I realised it wasn't rain, it was me. I was crying. I'd screwed up. Rachel had only just had her heart broken, and I'd thrown her in to something too fast. And now there was this creepy guy hanging around, our Italians were keeping secrets from us, and I was crying. I don't do crying. I narrowed my eyes and wiped my cheeks and hearing footsteps I turned my head. Carlos. He looked at me from the corner of the street and I could see he was concerned. His brow furrowed and he turned towards me, took a step, but I shook my head firmly and turned away. The hotel wasn't far. I would go back and go to bed. But then Rachel and Daniel might be there... and I couldn't go to Carlos' room. My stomach growled and I remembered we hadn't eaten. I was starving. I turned up the next street and, seeing a pizza place, decided to eat there. That would keep me in the warmth, but out of the way if Rachel and Daniel were talking or, indeed, making up.


I ate my pizza in the corner of the restaurant, slowly feeling its warmth return some normality to me. In one day I'd had sex, been felt up by a creep, and cried. What was happening? Our dream holiday was slowly turning in to a nightmare holiday.

I sent Rachel a text, telling her that if she didn't want me to come back for a while she should let me know, because I was returning. Then I paid for my pizza and left. I was too confused and worried about the days events to notice that the moon was now full, looking down at me carefully.

I climbed the stairs wearily and knocked on the door to our room. A few seconds later it opened and Rachel stood there, looking... well, subdued.

"You look awful." She said and then stared. "Have you been crying?"

The End

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