Rachel: The Morning AfterMature

I woke up slowly, lying on Daniel's firm chest. I could feel our legs intertwined beneath the sheets and felt myself blush as I remembered the day before. He was perfect and I know I've said it before, but I can't literally think of any other way to describe him. Daniel definitely knows how to make the best day... and night. And with that my cheeks warmed again.

I moved my head from my chest and slowly sat myself up in bed, drinking in the man in my bed. He had continued to let the stubble grow thicker, which I liked, but it made me think he was worrying about something and I definitely didn't like that. I loved how his hair was right at this moment and then I realised, this was the first time I had slept with him. 

I took up the opportunity to run my hands through his hair and he began to wake up.

"Morning," I spoke quietly, looking down at him.

Daniel sat up next to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Watching me sleep, were you?"



I paused. "Maybe."

He laughed and leaned into my ear as if telling me a secret, "I did the same."

I felt a glow of warmth spread through my chest - a feeling I had become familiar with these passed couple of days - and couldn't stop myself from smiling.

At that I felt Daniel lift me up and put me on top of him, so that he was in the exact same position, sitting up in bed.


"I try," he mocked and he let a smile play on his lips. "You are so beautiful."

"And I will never get tired of you saying that. Especially in that accent."

"Good, because it won't stop. Even if my accent is all you want me for."

"Oh, it is." I wrinkled my nose at him, so he knew I was teasing, then leaned forward so that are noses were touching.

"Insaziabile," he spoke as he gently rubbed his nose against mine.

The Italian language had it's usual effect on me, so I couldn't help but kiss him in response. During this, Daniel flipped me over so that I was lying on my back and he was on top of me.

"You know," I spoke against his neck, smiling. "I think I actually know what that means."

With that, Daniel had let out a hearty laugh that I had never heard from him before and it caused me to look at him - just look. Why didn't he laugh like that more often?

"What?" he said, once he had finished laughing.

"Sometimes you're pretty damn beautiful as well."

 He smiled down at me and then sat up.

"I should probably go," he spoke, reluctantly.

"Yeah, Blake might be back soon. And as beautiful as you look," I pointedly looked at his bare body. "I'm unsure she would appreciate it... OK, maybe she would..."

Daniel laughed and began to get changed. 

When we had finished making ourselves look decent and tidied up the hotel room... again, I got ready to say goodbye to Daniel.

"I'll see you soon," he spoke softly as he gave me a quick kiss.

I shut the hotel door as he left and contently sighed. 

I heard a key in the door, so I opened it and saw Blake.

"Morning," I said, raising my eyebrow at her.

"Don't 'morning' me and pretend Daniel hasn't just left," she winked as she made her way into the room. "

"Good night?"

"Was it going to be any other way?"

"Are you going to tell me why you looked so weirded out yesterday?"

"Can't remember why." She waved her hand as if pushing the memory away, I could tell she wasn't telling me everything, but I didn't push. "How is Daniel?"

"Loaded question... My answer is simply: good."

"Just good?"


She grinned at me. "Me too."

With that, my mind weirdly jumped to Carlos and his creepy business associates... "Did Carlos happen to say anything about the whole me being drugged thing, last night?"

"The only things he was saying, you don't want to know." She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

"Funny. So no mention?"


"Wonder why," I thought out loud.

"He's just a private man, Rach. I'm sure he didn't want to get into it." But even as Blake said this I could see her mind start to wander.


"I know."

The End

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