Rachel: Foul PlayMature

I lay on Daniel's bare chest, trying to suppress the stupid grin that was trying to escape. I was trying to think of ways he wasn't perfect. Where there any?

Feeling his lips on my forehead, I looked up at him. 

"You are beautiful."

"So are you," I replied, the grin escaping.

He kissed my forehead again.

"Should we go see Blake?" I said, reluctantly. I was feeling bad about leaving her on her own. But then, I knew that she would find ways to entertain herself...

"If that is what you want, amore."

We got dressed and as we did, I kept glancing over at his body. It made me flush as I thought about what we had done. Daniel was slim, but solid - toned and perfect. And that perfect body was just with mine...

I needed to stop. I sounded like Blake.

Once we had gotten changed and cleaned up the hotel room, we started making our way down the spiral staircase. Until Daniel stopped in his tracks.

"What is it?" I asked him, squeezing his hand slightly.

"That man talking to the bartender, he is one of mine and Carlos' business associates."

I looked over to the bar and sure enough there was a slick, blonde man leaning over the bar  talking to the bartender, that I had come to know as Mario. I didn't actually know if that was his name, think of it as a sort of nickname. I got bored one night, OK?

"What's his name?"

"Tyler Larkin." Daniel's lips snarled around his name.

"Hey," I said as I put a hand on his chest, urging him to look down at me. "You can tell me."

He answered my plea and the eyes that had hardened at the sight of Tyler had now softened. "Larkin is trying to buy out me and Carlos from one of the business' we own."

"Which one?" I said, not knowing what else I could do.

"The vineyard," Daniel stated, the hard edge in his beautiful eyes returning as he turned back to look at Tyler.

I gasped. "No. Why would he do that?"

Daniel shrugged, but I got the feeling he wasn't telling me the full story. "I have to find Carlos."

We continued to walk down the stairs. 

"Will you be OK waiting here?" he asked as we got to the bar.

"Sure. Go find Carlos," I smiled and he gave me a quick kiss, before walking off.

I frowned slightly as I sat down onto a stool. I had no idea what was going on, but Daniel wasn't happy. I figured he goes broody and mysterious when he's angry, instead of actually showing that he's angry. 

"And why is a beautiful women sitting by herself?" I heard an American accent sound from behind me.

When I had turned around I could see the blonde hair I had recognised to be Tyler Larkin's.

"Waiting for her beautiful man," I said as I turned my back towards him.

"I sure hope he doesn't leave you for too long. A beautiful woman by herself is sure to attract some unwanted attention."

Why wouldn't he leave? "She already has."

"What I mean to say it," he began in his sickeningly slick way. "She might find herself in trouble."

He touched me on the shoulder and I felt a shiver run through me. I turned around quickly, looking into his dark eyes, I frowned.

"We wouldn't want that to happen would we, darling?" he finished and he let a smile slide over his lips.

"Maybe she can handle herself," I replied, still frowning, wondering what exactly was off about this guy. 

"I'm sure she could." The smile still playing on his lips. "Buy you a drink?"

"No," I almost spat. "I'd like it if you'd leave."

Tyler looked at the bartender and nodded his head before leaving. I looked at Mario and rolled my eyes, to which he replied with a thoughtful smile.

"Miss," Mario spoke. "Your friend has left her drink with me. She went out to the terrace, but I'm unsure if she is returning. Would you mind if you take it to her?"

"Of course," I said, taking the drink from the bartender.

I stood up from the stool and walked slowly forward. Where was the entrance to the terrace? I thought to myself; I had completely forgotten. I took a sip from Blake's drink as I waited. She wouldn't mind, well she wouldn't know... I tasted something different - alcohol? Blake wouldn't be drinking this - unless Carlos had convinced her to try some. Wouldn't surprise me.

Just then, I saw the sign for the terrace and found myself walking through the doors. The cool Italian night air hit me and I felt light headed.

"Rachel," Daniel spoke, it sounded as though he was far away, but I could see him standing right in front of me.

I looked around trying to regain my balance and saw Blake standing next to Carlos, frowning. "Rach, where did you get that drink?"

"The bartender said it was yours." Its sounded as though my voice was floating.

"Urgh. It's from that creep," Blake looked up at Carlos who was still frowning.

"Tyler?" I could hear myself slurring my words.

"Are you OK?" Daniel's voice sounded urgent, but I couldn't concentrate, I tried to put my hand out to stop the room from moving and could feel someone grab hold of my waist.

"Tyler gave you a drink?" Carlos asked Blake from the distance.

"Cazzo!" I could hear Daniel swear.

"You don't think?" Carlos asked, I thought I could hear panic in his voice.

"Quel bastardo..." his voice drifted off in the distance.

"Rachel?" Blake voice came in, I don't know where from. I couldn't see their faces -everything was mixed together. Why couldn't I see? 

"Rachel... amore..." Daniel's voice echoed.

And then it just stopped.

The End

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