Blake: Victorious in Holding My OwnMature

"I'm being serious. If you tell me where he is, I'm not going to go leap on him. My walk has calmed me considerably. Me, not you obviously." I grinned and Rachel swatted me. Trying to act all innocent- that is not going to work on me Rachel Jones.

"It wasn't my fault. He just, he has that effect on me." She said blushing.

"Jeez Rach, it's been what, a couple of weeks?"

"Three months Blake. It's been three months."

"Ah. Then I give you full permission to jump on him next time you 'bump in to him' in the bathroom."

"Oh my god Blake, I'm not going to jump on him!" She laughed.

"Sure sure." I played absent mindedly with my hair. "Daniel just happened to be here did he?"

"Don't ask that innocently. No, I didn't ask him to meet me. He's just here, he was in here before us. And Carlos is waiting for him..."


"Shop around the corner." I felt my stomach clench delightfully. So walking hadn't really been much of a cure. I looked down at my ice cream. I'd decided I felt like something cold, and chocolate ice cream reminded me of yesterday. Flipping heck. Get over it Blake, since when do you day dream about guys?

"Huh. Guess we'd better wait here until we're sure they're done then."

"Seriously? No sexy times potential?"

"Nope. Nada." I lied. "I'm in control, unlike you, you minx!" I teased and she tried swatting me again.

"You're telling me that you can resist Carlos when he's coming towards you, all intent on kissing you in to oblivion?"

"Sure. Not that he can, if I do that." Lying again. He really had gotten under my skin. Got to get a hold on that.

"Really?" She said sceptically.


"Alright, if you say so."

"I do. Now eat your cake. I want to go clothes shopping."

She rolled her eyes at me but nodded.

We spent the next half hour looking in some beautiful Italian boutiques, and I picked out a sexy backless purple dress, a black lace covered dress with one arm, and a new pair of black stilettos. Rachel had gotten bored after I'd dragged her in to the third changing room, so I surrendered and suggested we returned back to the hotel. She agreed gratefully and helped me with my bags.

"So why do you need two new dresses?" She asked as we made our way through the streets.

"Don't know. See, love, buy. My new carefree motto."

"Nothing to do with the fact that they're going to drive Carlos insane?"

I feigned innocence.

"Why would I need two dresses to do that?"

"Because I'm pretty sure he's going to play hard to get now. You know, all that talk about competition...?"

"Well if that's something he tries then I guess I might break the dresses out."

"You bought them as an insurance policy didn't you?!" She stared at me.

"My depravity knows no bounds." I winked. "He thinks he can play all smooth and hard to get - wait until he sees other men checking me out. Works every time."

"I'm confused. Do you want him to get jealous or do you want him to fight against you?"

"Both." I grinned.

"Blake, are you trying to get him - I mean really get him? As like, a boyfriend? Do you like him?" She seemed bemused - this was a new concept.

"No. I'm not looking for a boyfriend Rach. But I like to know that he's not going to go after another woman as soon as he's had me... I want to make sure that I get to say when... Just... something I have to have." I finished, muttering.

"Why?" She asked, even more bemused at my sharing.

"Because I don't want to be the one that gets cast aside. Why do you think I don't date? What if I actually fell for a guy and he dumped me? So for now, sex and a lot of teasing is how I'm playing the field, and Carlos responds so well. He actually puts up a bit of resistance. I like that." I grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"Too much information about your sex preferences." She laughed, pretending to be disgusted. I laughed along with her and then got distracted.

"Ooh, underwear shop. You think...?"

"No. Oh no..." She mocked horror as I pulled her in. A full ten minutes later and we re- entered the sunlight, me carrying an extra bag with some nice new bras and pants inside. "Can you even afford to get home any more?" Rachel asked as we finally headed home, clutching her own bags. Yes she'd bought some underwear, and I knew it was for Daniel. And yes, I was definitely going to tease her about that later.

"Uhuh. Saved a load of money from work remember? I'm sorted."

We entered the foyer and hurried up to our room. I threw my bags down and collapsed on the bed.

"So, now we're back, how are we going to avoid them for the rest of the evening?" I asked. "Unless you want to go show Daniel what you bought..." I grinned. She threw a pillow at me.

"Room service and a film?" She suggested.


The End

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