Blake: Back to the HotelMature

"Are you sure you're busy tomorrow?" Carlos murmured in to my ear as we sat in the car. Daniel and Rachel were thanking the vineyard workers for a basket of food and drink they had given us.

"Yes. One day with us, one without. Surely you can handle that?" I laughed. He groaned.

"Bella..." His lips grazed my ear lobe and I stilled, knowing he could persuade me if he continued to kiss me. Thank god Rachel opened the car door at that point and climbed in. Carlos reluctantly pulled away and settled for taking the basket from Daniel as he climbed inside the car. "Maria did well again." He praised, eyeing the contents of the basket and grinning appreciatively. 

"Does she always give you a basket when you leave?" I asked, my senses having returned to normal. Rachel was giving me a curious look that made me feel uncomfortable? What? He was a good kisser, it didn't mean anything! Or maybe that's what she was upset about. That I never let a man get close enough to hurt me. 

"Yes. She is very good to us. Her husband is in charge when we're not here."

"When you're off conquering Italy?"

"Exactly." He grinned, reaching out and brushing a hair from my face. I felt warm inside and immediately winked to relieve some tension. He looked like he was going to kiss me again, but I didn't want him to, not in front of Rachel. Not when I had promised her I was going to try and distance myself. So instead I looked out of the window and waved to Maria and her husband as we drove away.


"Drinks?" Carlos suggested as we reached the hotel.

I glanced at Rachel and decided to be strong. But it didn't mean I couldn't tease him right?

"No you know what, I think I'm going to go and have a nice, hot, relaxing bath." I smiled innocently when his eyes flamed. "But you're welcome to stay Rachel, if you'd like."

"I'll be up in a bit." She muttered, looking at Daniel.

"Ok. You've got your key haven't you?"



"I'll walk you to your room." Carlos offered, and I sensed that saying no would offend him. On the other hand, being alone with him in my room... no I wouldn't let him in. To the door, and that's it. I promised myself. I promised Rachel, not specifically to this situation, but still...

"Thank you." I said and he shrugged. But he wasn't as casual as he was making out. There was a plan there, and I knew exactly what it was. Not tonight Carlos.

We headed up to the room and as I reached my door I turned.

"Thanks Carlos. I'll see you around?"

"Tomorrow evening?" He asked hopefully.

"No, sorry, girls day, and night." Firm hand Blake.

"Blake, you're torturing me." He groaned and kissed me, his fingers weaving their way in to my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back, until I felt us move a few paces towards the door. Then I broke away from him.

"Goodnight Carlos." I breathed against his lips.

He looked at me like he was going to protest but didn't, instead he sighed and stepped back, reaching for my hand and kissing it lightly.

"Until  thursday then." He replied, winking. "But next time bella, I won't give in to you."

"Don't be so sure." I winked and opened my door. "Until thursday." Then I disappeared inside before he could retaliate. I leaned against the solid wood and let out a deep breath. Intoxicating. That's what he was. And Rachel was right, I'd spent too much time thinking about him in the last twenty four hours. No. Bad Blake.

Time for a bath.


"So where do you want to go?" I asked over breakfast, sipping my orange juice and taking a bite of toast.

"I don't know. I'm not the guidebook holder." She teased, pointing at my guidebook. 

"Hey, this is a good book." I finished my breakfast and opened it up. "Okay. We could go to the Piazzale Michelangelo?"

"Isn't that at the top of the city?"


"Is there a bus?"

"Yes, but we should walk. We can see the city, and when we get there it'll be so worth the view. We can get the bus back."


"Look, it's either this or I'm calling Carlos and telling him to get to my room. I need to work it out of my system and that means either exercise or, exercise." I stressed. 

"Okay okay..." She agreed laughing. Then something caught her eye over my shoulder. "Uh oh."


"Guess who's here?"

"Mmm, and like the devil they appear. Ready to tempt us away from innocent sightseeing to passionate kisses and-"

"- I do not need to hear the rest of that sentence."

"It was pretty good, you have to admit. I have to write it down... what was that last bit?" I pondered as I scribbled what I had said in the guidebook so I wouldn't forget. "Right, let's scarper before they see us."

We hurried out, and although I'm sure they noticed I just giggled and ran after Rachel. We changed in to suitable shoes and headed out.

"So where do we have to walk?" Rachel asked as I leafed through my guidebook.

"Through some of the city, to the Piazza Poggi. We walk up from there and then we can see everything."

"Sounds good." She grinned and we set off.


"I hate you. Why didn't you stop me?" I groaned, sitting down and fanning myself.

"You needed to work it out of your system remember? Besides, I'm fine."

"Yeah, well I'm not made for long walks in the heat."

"And I am?" She laughed.

"Ugh." I took the bottle of water I'd bought out of my bag and took a swig.

"Come on Blake. We're almost there. It's not even a steep walk."

"I know. It's just warm."

"And so is sex, but you were planning that."

"Touche." I followed her for the next ten minutes until we had reached the top.

"Oh my god." Rachel whispered.

"It's beautiful." I muttered.


We had drinks and lunch at La Loggia Cafe, and then wandered through the Piazza. It was so beautiful, so incredible that I'd completely forgotten about Carlos and Daniel until my phone buzzed.

    Bella. I miss the taste of your mouth. I hope you can find
time for me tonight. I would love to compete with you
   some more.


"Look." I nudged Rachel and showed her the text. She read it and gave me a 'don't you dare look'. "I know I know! Don't look at me like that. But don't you think it's rather... hot?"

"I'm pretty sure that's what he was going for."

"Pretty sure? I'm definitely sure. And you know what? I'm not texting back. Let him wait." I grinned, biting my lip.

"That man is going to lose it one night you know." She said in a jokingly disapprovingly manner. She actually looked sorry for the guy. And so was I in some senses. I could be a bit of a bitch about this whole teasing thing. Maybe I should tone it down. But now I needed to  act like I hadn't just had an epiphany.

"And you think I'd mind?" I laughed.

"Blake, be serious." She looked a little worried.

"What? Look Rachel, I'm not going to sleep with him, if that's what you're worried about. We've known each other two days. I've got a bit of class. I'm going to stretch this out for at least a week or two."

"You think you can last that long?"

"Don't know. But I'm definitely going to try."

The End

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