Rachel: InfatuationMature

"So beautiful," Daniel spoke gently.

I let myself melt inside, hoping my face didn't betray me. I cannot believe this was happening. He held the same charm as Carlos, but he was a complete romantic. I wonder if Carlos holds this somewhere inside him. But then, what if Daniel held Carlos' flirtatious side, too...

"We should probably head back," I said.

"Let us avoid Carlos and Blake, we can visit the wine cellar."

We begun to walk, Daniel not so afraid to touch my hand this time. 

"I enjoyed my alone time with you."

Daniel's words caused a swooping feeling within me again. What was he doing to me? I bit my lip, half to stop myself smiling like a goof.

Inside the cellar, there were red, plush sofas. I inwardly rolled my eyes at how over the top that was. Barrels of wine, bottles everywhere and they placed sofa's and a elegant table in middle. They really were very rich...

"Would you like some red?" 

"You wouldn't start without us, would you?" Carlos spoke from the cellar doorway, Blake stood confidently next to him.

"Brother, we though you would be busy."

"Too busy for wine? Never." Carlos spoke with ease and walked gracefully towards the sofas.

I signaled to Blake to sit next to me and she obliged.

"Were you?" I asked.

"What?" she frowned, clearly confused.


"A girl never tells," she winked.

"How busy were you?"

"Not very busy at all, don't worry."

"I wasn't worrying, you guys needed to cut some of that tension down. Did it work?"

"Well, let's just say I'm not done with him," she spoke and she raised her eyebrows. I noticed that her eyes were following Carlos' movements.

"You like him," I spoke with certainty.

"Someone's jumping to conclusions."

"It's just an opinion."

"What were you two up to, on your romantic walk then?" Blake avoided the subject.

"Nothing, really. He showed me this beautiful, scenic garden. It was perfect," I tried not express just how mushy I was feeling inside.

Blake just looked at me and raised her eyebrows. "Nothing?"

"Not really."

"Funny how much I don't believe you."

"I don't know what you're talking about," I tried to pass for innocence.

"Oh really? So there wouldn't have been any lip action involved?"

I could feel myself redden. No. Stop going red - stupid face.

"Ah, see. There's that nothing I was looking for." Blake pointed at my face.

"Is red wine OK for you ladies?" Carlos called from one of the barrels.

"For Rach, it will be fine. No drinking for me," Blake flashed him a smile.

Daniel's stare was burning into me. He was probably wondering what we were talking about and why I was the colour of a beetroot.

"I'm going to repeat my earlier statement," Blake started. "You have it bad."

"So do you!"

"Me? No. I never have it bad," she spoke with confidence.



"Really?" I was determined to make her see my point. "How long have we known these mysterious, rich attractive men?"

"A day."

"Exactly. Twenty-four hours. And for how many of those hours have you been thinking about undressing Carlos?"

She frowned. "I see your point."

"He's gotten under your skin. When have you ever let a man do that?"

"Never. This is bad."

"We should probably do something about it."

"It's just an infatuation."

"Still. We need to do something about it."

"A gorgeous Italian man free day tomorrow?" she asked.

"Sounds good to me."

The brothers came to join us on the sofas and we enjoyed casual conversation and sipped our wine, except Blake who had managed to make Carlos make her some fresh juice. He probably made some form of maid do it, but we never asked.

"Ladies, we have plenty of free space in the house. Would you care to stay the night?" Carlos asked, seemingly casually.

"We have a beautiful hotel to get back to," I tried to say no, politely.

"I can assure you our bedrooms are beautiful, too."

"I'm sure they are," Blake interrupted. "But we have a busy day tomorrow and I wouldn't want to use all of my energy tonight."

Yeah. There was still some sexual tension.

I widened my eyes towards Daniel and he seemed to stifle a laugh.

"Come let us drive you back," Carlos spoke, the fire in his eyes still burning.

The End

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