Blake: KissesMature

Rachel and Daniel disappeared amongst the vines and I turned my attention on Carlos.

"So, do you reckon they're going to give up and kiss soon or what?" I asked, taking another grape from the stalk and popping it slowly in to my mouth. He watched me carefully before replying.

"I wouldn't know. I haven't really being paying attention to them." He shifted a little closer and reached his hand up  to my face, smoothing a strand of hair away from my face. "I've never had to try so hard to get a woman to kiss me before."

"Maybe that's your problem." I teased. "You're too sure of yourself."

"Maybe. But I'm afraid it's a fault without cure." He played with my hair a little, curling a strand around his finger and watching first it, and then my reaction.

"What if you found someone who wouldn't kiss you?"

"I'd have to break the rule of a lifetime, and give in to them first. And I don't like giving in."


"Very." He sighed, his thumb trailing to my lips and his fingers resting lightly across my jawline. I smiled against his skin.

"Me too."

He chuckled and brushed his thumb against my top lip, curving round to skim the bottom one.

"You are so beautiful." He murmured, eyes travelling across my face.

"I bet you say that to all the girls," I teased, feeling my iron will breaking. This man. This man was breaking me down. And he knew it. I had to recover. "Grape?" I asked cheerfully, plucking another from the stem and bringing it between us. He looked dumbfounded for a moment, then chuckled and nodded, opening his mouth slightly. I let the grape run across his lips before popping it inside his mouth. 

"For the record Blake," he said huskily, "I do say that to all the girls. But you're the only one I've ever had to try hard to get. You challenge me, and I'm starting to like that."

"Does this mean you don't want a kiss?" I asked, teasing him again, more confident now that his trailing thumb wasn't skimming my lips.

"Damn it Blake." He muttered, and his hand flew once more to my face, pulling me towards him. His lips brushed against mine with the lightest pressure, the softest of heat, but I knew I was lost now. But he'd made the first move. I was victorious. And now his lips moved against mine, roughly and heated, as his cool fingers wound their way in to my hair and his thumb brushed against my cheek. I found myself kissing him back, totally lost in his lips as I entangled my fingers in his hair.

Once we released each other my lips felt bruised, but pleasantly so, and I smiled at him breathily. He was breathing heavily.

"I want to kiss you again." He said, his fingers still entwined in my hair. I removed them gently, and grinned.

"What happened to competitive?" I teased, suddenly becoming aware of how dry my throat was. "You didn't resist for long did you?"

"How could I? You've been driving me insane since I saw you walk in to the bar yesterday. And I know you feel the same, so don't act like I've been the only one fighting that."

"No, you're not the only one." I admitted. "But I'm not looking for anything Carlos. I came here to help Rachel, and I intend to put her first."

"I won't stop you, of course not, but don't you think my brother could help? I would really like to spend more time with you."

I chuckled.

"And what would we do with that time?"

"Live for the moment." He replied, before reaching forward and claiming my lips with his again.

The End

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