Blake: Under the SunMature

They own a vineyard. There has to be something wrong with these men. They're bloody perfect. Too perfect?

The sleek black car matched Carlos perfectly. I had the sudden image of him, in the suit he wore now, driving along in it, the window open, his hair moving and flowing in the breeze... mmm...

"Ladies." Carlos opened the car door for me and Rachel, and we climbed in, Rachel first. "Bella." Carlos whispered as I passed him. He was trying to make me melt in to my seat, so I flashed him a smile and climbed in.

"They own a vineyard." Rachel muttered to me.

"I know." I replied before Daniel climbed in and sat opposite Rachel. He gave her a smile and I saw her blushing. When did that happen? Probably when I was busy with Carlos. Hmmm, maybe I should pay more attention to her. Or maybe I was doing that too much. She obviously wants to be alone with him. I stared at her, completely ignoring the fact that Carlos had just climbed in to the car. She was totally in to him. I'd only been half joking this morning, but her face... she was so intent on him I could feel the air crackling. Holy cow. And I thought I was the one with the sexual tension. Which reminds me.

"Hey Carlos, I forgot to thank you for the ice-cream. Delicious." I said, rolling the last word over my tongue to tease him a little.

"What until you taste the grapes at the vineyard. Perfectly round, bursting in your mouth..." He grinned at me and I pretended to glare, not very convincingly. The window to my right rolled down, and I saw Rachel fanning herself. Daniel chuckled. I gave Rachel a quick poke and watched Carlos laughing, his face turned to join in with Daniel, but his eyes surreptitiously never leaving me. We seemed to have found a mutual grounding in driving each other crazy, and I was determined to be the victor.

"Get a room." Rachel muttered quietly to me, and I laughed. Carlos and Daniel looked curiously at us, but I arranged my face innocently and smiled.

The journey to the vineyard lasted half an hour. Most of that was trying to get out  of Florence, but once we were free the car purred along the road at a smooth pace. We talked about wine, pizza, which sights Rachel and I were hoping to see, our plans to spend some time in Amalfi, and the vineyard that our two Italians owned.

"It was one of the first things we bought for our business empire." Daniel said, his eyes on Rachel as she listened intently. I looked at Carlos and nodded my head towards the two of them, rolling my eyes. He chuckled and trailed his finger along his lips thoughtfully. I want to do that... This was getting intense. I was determined to wait it out, drag out the tension for as long as possible, but Carlos was so tantalizing I didn't know whether I would last. And he was definitely struggling. I could see it under his calm and carefree mask - Carlos was on the edge. And the two innocents next to us weren't exactly on dry land. Daniel was looking at Rachel like she was some sort of deity. But their tension wasn't sexual, at least not like ours. And I knew that was because both of them were more the romance type. And me? Well I just wanted to see how Carlos' lips tasted.


"Welcome to our vineyard." Carlos said, and I noticed the pride in his voice as he looked out across the rows of vines. It was beautiful. Rows of leafy green plants, stretching for the sun, piled high with dark, ripe grapes. A gray stoned huddle of red roofed buildings stood at the end of the field closest to us, watching over the beautiful lines that crawled away from us until I could barely see them anymore.

"Would you like a drink?" Daniel asked us.

"Please." Rachel replied. I nodded and followed the couple as they headed for the buildings. Carlos fell in beside me.

"Bella, will you try some of our wine?" He asked, looking down at me.

"No." I murmured, trying to keep my voice low so we didn't disturb Rachel and Daniel. "But I would like to try the grapes. Especially if they, what was it? Burst in my mouth?" I chuckled and he grinned.

We took a blanket, two bottles of wine and some glasses, along with Italian bread, cheese, grapes and other little delicacies that the brothers found in the kitchen. Rachel took me aside when we had a moment.

"I want to talk to him Blake. Privately."

"Ok. If that's what you want."

"Yes. And you and Carlos need to sort out whatever the hell is going to happen between you two, because there's enough sexual tension floating around you to light the entire of Florence."

"You think?" I grinned. "I'm just waiting for him to crack."

She shook her head and smiled.

"Just don't drive him insane. I don't want anything to happen to you. Remember, we don't actually know them well."

"I know. I'll be careful. Same goes to you."

"What can you be whispering about so intently?" Daniel asked curiously, coming over and slipping in next to Rachel.

"Nothing. Girl stuff. Shall we go?" She smiled.

"Sure. Picnic first,  and then a walk?" He suggested.

"Sounds nice." She said. I felt Carlos appear next to me, his shirt trailing pleasantly against my skin. I was sure he did that on purpose when I turned to look at him and saw his eyes, heavy and delightfully seductive.

"Shall we eat?" He asked and led our group outside again.

The End

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