Blake: Men!Mature

She just walked off, hugging that box. Bloody hell, I'd seen that look before. She liked him. Definitely not the 'friends with benefits' situation I had suggested.

"The man who left that box. He's staying here isn't he?"

"He is Miss."

"Could you tell me where he is?"

"His brother and he left early this morning. They looked like they were going on business." Of course. Carlos had told me last night that they were here on business. What had he said? My brother has come to keep me in line. I smiled and thanked the man at reception.

"Rachel, are we getting changed or what?" I asked, having returned to the room and found her on the bed, re-reading the note.

"Yes, of course." She slipped the note in to her bed side drawer and went to the wardrobe. I rolled my eyes.

"You've got it bad." I chuckled and went to grab a skirt and top. "Real bad."

"Shut up." She said throwing a towel at me.


"I want to come here every day." Rachel whispered, staring around at the looming marble of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

"See, this may be a problem. Because I am freaking out."

"What? Why?"

"I hate cathedrals, and this one is like... ugh I might as well have six six six tattooed in to my forehead."

"Blake how can you say that? This is beautiful."

"It gives me the chills, and not in a good way. Can we go back in to the sunlight?"

"I like it."

"Fine, I'll go in to the sunlight, you stay in the cold under the harsh eye of some God who may or may not be able to smite those on earth who do not believe in him." I whispered dramatically, and hurried out. I breathed a sigh of relief once I was out in the warmth. Cathedrals, churches, all of them gave me the creeps. Too stern and cold for a place that was supposed to be about worshipping God. Not that I even believed in him really. I leaned against a post and waited for Rachel, plugging my earphones in to my phone and turning up the volume. That was why I didn't hear anything until Carlos stepped right in front of me. I jumped and yanked the earphones from my ears.

"Bella, I hope I did not make you leap."

I shook my head and slipped my phone back in to my bag.

"Carlos. What are you doing here?"

"We were having lunch." He pointed across to the small pizzeria across the road. "I saw you alone and wondered if you were alright."

"Well that's very kind, but I'm fine." I said, looking behind me to see if Rachel had appeared yet. "Just waiting for Rachel."

"She is inside?"



"I should probably apologise for how I acted last night." I muttered, head down. "I get a bit protective of her sometimes."

"It is a good quality to have." He replied and I looked up, relief washing over me. "Besides, women must have fire in them. They would be boring if not. I found it quite, attractive." He smiled that crooked smile and I flushed.

"So, is your brother with you?"

"Yes." He replied, still grinning. "Would you and Rachel like to join us?"

"I'll ask her. I should probably apologise to him too."

"I think he rather enjoyed it too, once he'd gotten over the shock. Women do not tend to fight us. When they meet us they are all charm."

"And I'm not?" I teased. "I'll go and get her." I turned abruptly and braced myself to return inside the cathedral.

"Rachel!" I hissed, grabbing her arm once I'd found her amongst the people.

"What?" She asked, startled.

"Come on. We've got a lunch date."

"With who?" She asked, even more startled.

"Carlos and Daniel."


"What? Look, you might as well talk to him, else you're going to spend the whole holiday feeling bad that you didn't explain why you just ran off. And besides, I'm hungry, and Carlos is still flirting with me."

"So not as flippant about it as you were this morning then?"

"Nope. I like him. NOT in THAT way before you say anything. Just in a 'I like the attention' way. So screw you for pulling that face." I elbowed her as we crossed the street.

"Well sorry. But you seem pretty interested to me."

"Hello, self confessed sex addict. Italian man. What part of this equation does not add up?" I chuckled as we reached the door.


The pizzas were delicious, and I smiled as I saw Rachel throwing Daniel a discreet side ways look, seconds after he had done the same to her.

"Hey Daniel, sorry about yesterday by the way." I said, having put down my pizza.

"No problem. Caring about your friend is an admirable trait."

"Posh." I teased and he smiled warmly before returning his attention back to Rachel. Carlos chuckled softly beside me.

"He would not stop talking about her last night." He whispered in to my ear. "She seems to have made quite an impression."

"I'm not sure whether that is a good or bad thing." I frowned, glancing at Rachel.

"Protective again." He muttered, smiling.

The End

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