Blake: I'm Not Easy to LoveMature

Carlos took me through the double doors on the right of the room and in to a dim room with tables lining the walls, and people dancing in the center. Carlos was smooth, but I was smoother... he could flirt and dance all he wanted, but he wasn't getting me in to bed. As much as he tried, and as much as I might want... no. I was here for Rachel, and that was how it was going to stay. Unless she got with someone, in which case...

We danced, and yes, I flirted. So what? He was gorgeous, and smart in his crisp white shirt and grey trousers. It was nice, a refreshing change from the guys from university who slouched around in the same clothes, day in, day out...

"Bella, you dance well." He murmured in to my ear. I laughed lightly and swayed against him again. "Do you have Italian blood?"

"None. Why?" I asked, curious.

"You are like me." He smiled, a twinkle in his eyes, dark as they appeared in the dim lighting.

"You don't know me."

"I'd like to."

I shook my head and laughed again - would he now?

"So why are you here Carlos?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Because I like to dance with beautiful women, like you."

"I meant at the hotel." I smiled, ignoring his flirt.

"Ah. I am here on business. And my brother has come to keep me in line."

"In line?"

"I can be easily... distracted." The corners of his eyes creased in to a smile again, and I raised an eyebrow.

"Distracted? I see. That's not good for business."

"No, no it is not. But then, business is dull, and some of my distractions are so enjoyable."

I rolled my eyes.

"Is flirting one of your distractions by any chance?" I asked, leaning in so he could hear me over the new song which pounded through the speakers in an assult against our ear drums.

"Always." He laughed. "Would you like another drink?" His hand trailed lightly against my shoulder as he called in to my ear over the loud bass. I felt a delicious warmth where his fingers had been.

"Yes, I think I would." I hooked my arm in to his again and he led me back through the doors to the bar. Rachel and Daniel weren't there. "Where are they?"

"Daniel has probably encouraged her to go for a walk. He is something of a romantic. I'll have a glass of red, and the lady will have...?"

"A coke." I murmured. "You're sure he's-"

"-Completely harmless. Never had a one night stand in his life."

"Perfect for her then..." I murmured, concerned. "Are you sure..."

"Bella don't worry. Daniel is a gentleman. He wouldn't do anything she didn't want. He will not even kiss her. He prefers relationships to one night stands."

Perfect for her. But she was fragile right now... and could take care of herself. Stop worrying Blake.

"And what about you Carlos? What do you prefer?"

He smiled crookedly at me.

"I like to live for the moment."

"A sound motto." I smiled, and clinked my glass to his.

The End

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