Rachel: When in Florence...Mature

I was actually going to kill Blake. I didn't know how, but it was going to happen. We hadn't even been in Italy two hours and I was stuck, sitting at the bar awkwardly waiting for two Italian strangers to come towards us. 

"Back so soon?" Blake raised her eyebrow, slightly.

"Bella, I couldn't resist," Carlos replied in his, admittedly, smooth way. He reached for Blake's hand with a certain grace and kissed it again. He let her hand float down to her side and put his arm around the shoulders of a man whose eyes held a bit of mystery. Not that I noticed. "This is my brother, Daniel. Daniel, this is Rachel and Blake."

"Salve," he replied with a bow of his head.

I found myself noticing that he, too, held a grace about him. "What does that mean?" I said before I could stop myself.

"Hi," he purred as his mouth pulled up in one corner, amused. I felt myself blush and turned my attention towards Blake outrageously flirting.

Carlos was leaning into Blake's ear and she was physically melting further down her stool. I held back the urge to roll my eyes. I turned my attention away from the seemingly close couple and caught Daniel looking at me with those eyes. It was almost as if he was observing me, as he placed his finger just below his bottom lip.

I immediately looked back. 

"Oh," Blake giggled. "Everything sounds so romantic in Italian. Say it again."

Carlos obliged all too willingly. What he didn't know was, he was playing right into her hands. "Ballare," he spoke softly.

Before I could even let the question escape my lips Daniel spoke. "It means, dance."

I looked at him, feeling myself frown slightly, to which he responded with a challenging tilt of his head. I don't know why, but I almost smiled.

"Can we?" Blake pleaded me.


She nodded, almost frantically, but I think she was holding herself back.

"Can't say no to a girl who giggles," I smiled.

I knew if she could, she would have squealed, just a little bit.

Blake hooked her hand through Carlos' outstretched arm. Before they walked too far away, she turned around and mouthed 'thank you.' I mentally responded with a 'you owe me', but that could wait until later. This was Blake and Italian men was what she was waiting for.

"Is your friend Blake, always so lively?" An Italian voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Is your brother?" I countered.

"All the time," he smiled in a knowing way. The smile created laugh lines around his mouth, which were endearing and I felt myself notice the stubble surrounding his jaw. So then I couldn't help but notice the way his nose was slightly crooked, or how deep green the eyes that were sitting just above were...

"Something interesting?"

"What?" I almost jumped. "What would be interesting?"

The corners of his mouth lifted up again, as if he knew a secret and I felt myself blush, once again.

"Do you want me to show you some of Florence?" he asked.

"I don't think I could leave Blake."

"If I know my brother like I think I do, Rachel," the way his tongue moved around my name caused my face to redden again. "They won't get tired of dancing too soon."

I contemplated it, but I knew Blake was exactly the same. 

Daniel stood out of his stool and offered me his hand. With only a moments hesitation, I took it. What's that phrase - When in Rome? Well, I'm changing it to When in Florence... What the hell, right?

The End

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