Rachel: My EscapeMature

I looked through the tiny aeroplane window I was sitting next to, staring at the wisps of clouds we were now on level with. I mentally sighed. I was so glad that Blake had jumped at the idea of going to another country with me, because the truth is, I don't think I could have handled being home any more, not with... Well, we won't mention his name. 

Yes, a stupid boy had broken my stupid heart and yes, you could say that this was an escape from facing my own emotions, but you know what? Escaping was pretty damn fine with me. Hell, I was going to Italy!

I felt a faint thud on my shoulder, so I looked down and saw Blake's open mouth looking up at me. 

"Wake up, moron." 

Blake jumped up straight in her seat. "What? Are we there?" 

"No," I replied, amused, wiping drool from Blake's mouth with her own sleeve. "You were snoring, really, really loudly."

"Oh, God Rach, why did you let me? No one saw did they?"

"Yeah, everyone." I said as I let a smile slide across my face.


I glared jokingly at her and she responded by pulling her tongue out.

A voice came over the speakers. "We'll be landing in approximately ten minutes, would everyone like to fasten their seat belts."

"I wonder why they ask you to fasten your seatbelts if there wasn't a slight fear that we might crash-"

"And die?" I cut Blake's thoughts off.

She glared at me. "That's not what I was going to say."



I stood with my mouth open and felt Blake promptly close it. 

"You'll catch flies."

"There's a chandelier."


"And, did you see outside?"


"And we're in Florence."

"I know."

"Medieval Florence."

"Got it."

"How are you not dying of excitement inside?"

"Because, I'm pretty sure that, that guy at the bar is checking me out and if I show how excited I am, it'd be pretty embarrassing. Jumping, screaming. Us getting thrown out. It's not attractive." I could literally see her vibrating with excited energy.

I laughed. "Sexy times potential?"

"It's like you read my mind..."

I laughed as we made our way up the spiral staircase that surrounded the chandelier in the centre of the lobby and towards our room. When we had entered I actually let a squeal of excitement escape and so did Blake, who bounded to the double bed nearest the bathroom door and bounced.

"This is amazing, we're in Florence!" 

"I know!" I squealed back.

The room consisted of two double beds, with a large picture of women, I think, on the back wall. There was a desk and a wardrobe and a long mirror, but to be honest I was just so excited to be in a completely different place than home.

"Let's dress in some 'I'm sexy clothes' and get to the bar!" Blake said as she threw her suitcase on her bed and began to rummage through.

Got to love that girl.

When we got to the bar, I felt a weight had lifted from my shoulders. This will be the place I'll feel myself again.

Blake had picked a prime position for us to sit at the bar, so I walked over and perched myself onto a stool. She was wearing a red cocktail dress that finished a few inches above the knee. I decided to go with a blue strappy dress.

"She'll have a-"

"Mojito," I finished.

"And I'll have a coke," she smiled as she turned towards me. "I'm spicing things up."

"I thought I could help with that," a deep male Italian accent sounded from behind me.

The End

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