Bali: Oh Great...

I have told everyone what their assignments are. Exploring and maping, Hunting, building. Now I caould do my own thing. Instead of going to the seaweed forest, I went in the other direction. Before I left, I looked out at the landing strip.

Coming in was a container. I am guessing it has supplies. Good, cause we need some.

I wait for it to stop, then go up to the driver.

"What have you brought?"

The man comes down from his perch, and bows low to me. I don't bother to tell him to stop.

"I have brought many necessary supplies, along with good tidings from your father, My lord, King Posiden. He wishes you well on your endevors. There will be more coming, but he must make sure they are worthy. He wishes to make sure that no evil is introduced to this virgin land."

I tell him he may leave.

He un hooks his horse, and sails away. I walk around the container, Steping back witha start when The doors open on their own. Out steps a girl with floating hair, every color imaginable. Thick locks are different colors than the ones bordering them.

Pearl, her name tag says. She looks confused. I smile at her. Her eyes widen at the sight of me, and then they close. She wavers, and then slowly sinks to the ocean floor.

I catch her before she hits the sea urchin under her, and slowly drag her to my cabin. I will be there when she wakes up. I hope I haven't damaged her to much.

The End

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