I now have to work twice as fast on the plans for the meeting hall because it's starting to be built. Once I finish the many copies of the structure  have to do for everyone building, Bali sets me to work on the design for the inside. I decide to have a mixture of blues and greens to match the ocean. And have white tables to eat on. Bali thinks this is OK but she tells me that I'll have to think of some more because we need options. I'm more than happy to do this because designing stuff is my life. I have a very short break to eat lunch because I can't wait to get back to work. When I have another ten designs, Bali comes over.

"I think you're working too hard" she says. I blink. Too hard?

"No, I'm fine. I love doing this. If you want me to work less hard..." 

"No no! If you like it then I suppose you can do as much as you feel the need to do. I just thought... because you're going nearly twice as fast as everyone else" She tells me. I stop suddenly, with my pencil halfway through drawing the back wall of the inside if the hall.

"I am?" I thought I was going pretty slowly.

"Yes, you are"

"Oh" I say, I'm a bit miffed. Bali laughs. I smile and she says that if I feel like I'm working too hard than I should tell her. I nod and she walks off to inspect the other workers. I tie my hair out of my face with a rubber band and carry on.

The End

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