I slept under the stars, enjoying my home. I dozed a few times. I saw new constellations, being aquainted with them quite well. I sat up, suddenly. I saw, a ways away, some sort of creature. I grabbed my bow and nocked a few arrows. It came closer. The moonlight revealed it.

It was a seahorse. A wild one, to be sure, but I saw it's dignity. It was noble, as if wiser than I myself. I shifted a little, and it swam off. I muttered. Strange. Even back home, animals never acted this way. If they were that skittish, they never came near us in the first place.

I spent the rest of the night uneasy. I dozed off a few times, not vigilant enough to stay awake. However, I woke up quite early. I went to get my seahorse and supplies. I took all items in a sack that I slung across my back. I set out, knowing that Bali would assume I was already out.

I made maps of where I went, carefully calculating everything. My main goal, though, was really just to find meat and maybe find out more about the animal and plant life around here. I soon found a nice plump wild seahorse. It reminded me of the one I saw last night. However, this one was notably different. It did not have the air of wisdom. It was just a normal wild seahorse.

I shot it, dragging the dead carcass. By the time I got back to camp, everyone was awake. I left it in a place where the animals could not get it, up in a type of overhang, seaweed-like. I rolled out my map, and studied it. We were in a type of valley, high hills around us. I told Bali of what I had mapped and of the animals and plants I had seen.

"I will have a look at the plants, Strata. That is something I can do. You must use your specific talent to do everything you can. Map the area, please. Soon a shipment will come, and we will be able to send you off on a longer journey. Right now we need you here."

"Yes, Bali. I only wish to do short trips at the moment, in any case. To know the animals and plants near us before striking off into the most wild wilderness I've ever encountered."

"Whatever you belive best, Strata." I decided not to tell her of the seahorse that I had seen. That could wait. In any case, I hoped to find out more about them, their behaviours and such, before making assumptions.

"Yes, Bali." I nodded, and went back to studying my maps and notes.

The End

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