Jambalini: Call Me Bali

When there is only a little left to do today, Some one else arrives. Her name is Strata. Apperantly, she is very good at exploring, and surviving. I ask if she would help build the houses.

At dinner, I ask all the new arrivals what they brought with them. Tila doesn't have anything, exept for the clothes on her body. Cari has aphoto album and some food. Vailea has alot of paper and pencils and clipboards. When I get to Strata, she has packed the most. Well, I had more, but that is for the entire colony. Strata has a bow and arrow, a map makers kit, a pocket knife, and gifts. I asume they are for me, and I am right.

I tell her I have no need for such items, but I accept them anyway. I have never been one for useless items such as jewelry and fine cloths. I much prefer to be out side, swimming in the currents, then inside my fathers judging room.

After we finish, I asign jobs for the morning. The two men will continue building, and Tila and Vailea will write some more plans. Strata will take her bow and arrows, and will search for some fresh meat. I tell her not to kill any thing that produces useful items. I will look for plants, and see if there are any new ones, not found in my fathers domain on earth.

Lastly, I tell everyone to call me Bali. Mot your highness, not your majesty, not Princess. Bali. The men look a little anxious, But they nod all the same. I smile and drift off to the first house. I will sleep there with Cari, Tila, and Vailea. Strata volluntered to watch, saying she wasn't tired. I tell her to come to bed when she is tired. She says she has a mat, that she will sleep under the stars.

This is all coming together quite nicely. We should get a shipment from my father soon, containing more food, and heat sticks to cook stuff with. And more supplies to build more houses.

The End

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