Strata: New Home

After a long journey, I arrived. It was beautiful, in a strange, untamed way. But that was what I lived for: seeing things few or none had ever seen before. Adventure. I went to Jambalini, whom I had seen before, from a distance.

"Your Highness." I said.

"Jambalini, please. Or Bali. Who are you, and what specialty do you have?"

"I'm Strata. I am an explorer, mainly. I can work hard, and I survive very well on my own."

"Well, Strata, will you help building, please, if you are such a hard worker?"

"Yes, yes, I'll get to that now."

"Later I believe you will have to scout the area, as none of us has been here before."

"Yes. I'll be off now, Your- Jambalini." I marched off, and started helping the men work. They seemed to wonder why I was helping them, a girl.

"I could shoot a better arrow than any of you." I said in reply to their stares. "I could outrun you, too. I will work harder than all of you put together!" They promptly looked away, while I gave myself a small, smug smile.

"This is the perfect new home." I murmured to myself.

The End

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