Jambalini: That was fast....

By sundown the first day, there was one and a half houses built. The workers all slept together in the first house, and I slept in the covered section of the unfinished house. They men tried to argue, but it did no good. They need the sleep more than I do.

When I woke up, it was early. I always seem to wake up early, but something always happens when I wake up before dawn. So, before I even great the sun, I know today will be special.

When everyone is awake, The woman and I make breakfast. The men get right to work after a hearty meal of seaweed scramble and some sponge slices. By the time the second house is done, there is another person.

She introduces her self as "Cari Morgan, your highness." I tell her welcome, and I hope she is ready to help. I set her to the task of building a stable, with the help of the men. Almost as soon as that is settled, someone else arrives.

"Vailea, Your Majesty." says this lady with lilac hair, staying close to her body. I guess I must frighten her. "What are you gifted in, Vailea?" I ask her. "I am quite good at drawing, your highness." I show her to where Tila is seated, drawing out plans. I tell her to plan the center, which I want to be splendidly colorful.

When the stables are big enough to house our current stock of seven seahorses, and three more, the build team takes a meal break. Lunch is some of the eggs my father packed, and some rice. I tell the team to make another house, with the same format. That way there are no arguements later on.

The End

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